Our values are trust, commitment, creativity, leadership and agility

Our values

  • Trust:
    We give customers peace of mind that with us as their trusted partner and advisor, their experience and outcome will be intelligently designed to achieve their business goals. 
  • Commitment:
    Embedded in each of us is a steadfast dedication to ensuring the success of our colleagues, customers and shareholders by valuing their investment. 
  • Creativity:
    We harness our creativity, scaling individual ingenuity into a global collective intelligence, to develop innovative solutions that make the most of our customers’ application. 
  • Leadership:
    With our focus on forward-thinking ideas and products, we enhance the capabilities of our customers and the industry, leading an ecosystem that makes our world smarter and better.
  • Agility: 
    We drive our business forward by embracing change and following through with speed and precision.

Health, Safety, Environmental and Quality (HSEQ)

To promote and ensure the achievement of business objectives and enhancement of HSEQ performances, Kontron Transportation Group has implemented a documented and certified Integrated Management System. 

The effectiveness of this Integrated Management System is regularly monitored by an internal audit program and through periodic management reviews. 

Kontron Transportation Group is committed to contributing to protection of the natural environment for the benefit of future generations and will safeguard the Health, Safety and Welfare of our employees as well as other persons who may be affected by our activities. 
Kontron Transportation Group is committed to continually improve efficiency of our Integrated Management System and performance wherever it conducts business. In support of this commitment, each employee is responsible to proactively identify potential sources of error and initiate appropriate measures for improvement, for taking reasonable care to protect and preserve the environment and to enhance the safety, health and well-being of themselves and of those around them. 

To enhance stakeholder value, Kontron Transportation Group will liaise with customers, suppliers, relevant industry and educational bodies to improve business-related quality, environmental, health and safety performance. 

  • Our integrated management system is living and carried by all employees. 
  • We are committed to satisfying the legal and governmental requirements. We adhere not only strict as minimum requirement to the national setting and/or collective agreements as well as regulations and rules, but also cooperate beyond that in specialized committees at the constant improvement of these. 
  • We regularly check our achievements in term of compliancy to products and services requirements, environmental preservation and the industrial safety and monitor the integrated management system performance by appropriate measures. 
  • We ensure an efficient use of resources by using the best technology available for our technical developments, and also by conducting life-cycle analysis we keep the polluting effects of our market services on the environment as small as possible. 
  • We use risk management as a strong preventive tool in all business area. In order to avoid accidents, health problems or work-related pathologies of our employees and persons under our responsibility, we put in place appropriate awareness and working conditions. 
  • Our subcontractors and contractors are likewise requested, to ensure compliancy with our quality, safety and environment standards. 
  • By communication and training courses, we deepen the consciousness of our employees to motivate them to act on quality, environment protection and safety. 
  • We aim actively at the continuous improvement of our achievements with special consideration on customer satisfaction, environmental protection, use of resources, industrial safety and the health and safety.


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