The association of the European Rail Industry was founded in 1992 and represents the leading European train builders and rail equipment suppliers. 
Situated in Brussels, Belgium, it looks after the interests of small to medium companies to major industrial champions involved in the design, manufacture, maintenance and refurbishment of infrastructure and transport systems, subsystems and related equipment. 

Its mission is to effectively represent its members’ interests at both the European and international levels to proactively foster an environment where members can continue to provide high-quality railway systems and solutions needed to meet the growing demand for rail transport. 
The professional unions' main body of work is to secure interests of all members at the international scale, especially within the European Commission. Furthermore, it needs to coordinate the interoperability between governments, organisations and national rail industry associations. 

While the railway has always been the backbone of trans-european logistics infrastructure, sustainable rail traveling is about to experience a strong revival due to various reasons, emissions being one. UNIFE members have an 84% market share in Europe while supplying 46% of production value for rail equipment and services worldwide. It is a voice to be reckoned with in the world of passenger and freight transportation.

Kontron Transportation has joined UNIFE in 2017 and was instrumental in creating the UNITEL committee which focusses on telecommunication solutions in the rail system.

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