Next Generation Communication with 4G/5G private network solution


The adoption of video technologies in critical networks is becoming increasingly common. In the past, the need for critical networks was mainly driven by the use of voice based communication services (emergency call, group call, priority & preemptions), whereas today in the next generation communication technology market there is a growing demand by the Mission Critical domain for video content services and wireless data transfer applications with similar attributes, thus requesting much larger bandwidth.
Broadband wireless technology, designed to meet these new requirements while satisfying a sufficient level of maturity, allows PMR users to benefit from additional bandwidth and minimal latency. This is why Kontron Transportation, the specialist in Mission Critical Networks and leading constructor of PMR GSM-R, has strategically extended its portfolio to address the next generation of mission-critical networks and Public Safety Long-Term Evolution (PS-LTE) use cases. Our offering provides a tailor-made solution and innovative applications based on cybersecure and reliable state-of-the-art products with differentiating and specific features for mission-critical networks.


The 4G/5G Private Network Solution allows a fast deployment of a Mission Critical  network for small to medium coverage areas (ex: shunting area, Level crossing, airport, port, construction site, and many more) to replace, modernize or interconnect to an existing PMR or TETRA network.

lt includes a 3GPP standard based and certified MCx application framework capable of addressing security and prioritized access requirements with superior service quality and comprehensive pre-emption features required for point-to-point, emergency and group mission-critical communication.


The 4G/5G Private Network Solution finally offers the capability to interwork with legacy networks and multiple devices and is easily extensible through addition of radio access nodes to allow a larger network coverage.

Key benefits

  • Compliant to 3GPP specifications
  • Modern mission-critical services (MCx) and applications
  • High performance capacity to serve market requirements
  • Flexible deployment options to adapt to customer needs
  • Cybersecure and resilient



The current version of the platform is compliant to 3GPP Rel 16 standards and is constantly enhanced with 3GPP new contents and evolutions



The Kontron Transportation 4G/5G Private Network Solution platform, built on COTS hardware, is offering an end-to-end 4G/5G Private Network Solution framework highly suitable from limited surface areas to larger deployment thanks to its scalable capacity and core geo-redundancy.

The Kontron Transportation platform is customizable and expandable depending on customer's choice of implementation and specific needs. Easily deployable either in permanent or temporary location and easy to set up in standalone configuration, it offers state of the art MCx communication services. The platform supports different frame configurations in TDD and FDD mode on the same digital unit and is designed to support 5G by a simple software upgrade.



As the transfer of large video files is more and more needed, the Kontron Transportation 4G/5G Private Network solution is supporting the special frame TDD configuration 0, which brings maximum capacity in uplink direction.



The Kontron Transportation platform can operate under a large range of frequency bands and can also interconnect to other Private Networks (TETRA, GSM-R, VolP, 4G/5G...) or other PLMN in order to allow hybridized communication.



3GPP cybersecurity standards (TS 33.401) in combination with IEC 62443 design principles and ENISA guidelines have been considered in order to achieve compliancy with critical national infrastructure requirements. In particular, the Kontron Transportation 4G/5G Private Network Solution platform can be interfaced with centralized authentication systems, PKls, and SIEMs. Communication between the core network (EPC/5GC) and the radio base stations is encrypted by integrated Security Gateways (SEG).

To address network segregation needs, Kontron Transportation relies on the ANSSl-certified Secure eXchange Network (SXN) device that provides a hardware isolation and IP/TCP/UDP reframing between the 4G/5G Private Network and the customer's IT environment. The SXN acts as a hardware-based DMZ with firewalls on both sides that provides best-in-class protection against 0-day threats


Our MCX solution is a multi-OS compatible next-generation client application, enabling common Mission Critical and enhanced Railway Services.
It is designed for security- and safety-sensitive industries with Mission Critical assignment.
It supports Mission Critical (MC) communication services from MC-Push-to-Talk (PTT & full-duplex), MC-Data and MC-Video.


  • Next-generation Graphical User Interface (GUI)
  • Dedicated buttons support for emergency, panic-alert and push-to-talk
  • Man-Down and panic-alert support for lone workers and first responders
  • Supports both consumer and ruggedized device types
  • Interoperability verified in ETSI Plugtests


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