A data-driven innovation process which focuses on customer needs and operational excellence is the platform for digital transformation in industry. The driving factors of digitalization are connectivity between products, machines and people. The IoT enables the collaboration across the complete industrial value chain. The speed in which products need to reach market and cost efficiency are more important than ever. Simultaneously, the complexity of customization demands for devices and applications is increasing. The way business and manufacturing processes are executed is changed by emerging IoT technology. 

With the SUSiEtec toolset we create an IoT system, a technology platform, a holistic software and a collection of hardware solutions in combination with a deep expertise in digitalization for equipment suppliers and manufacturers. We not only lay the foundations for IoT, but even more so for IIoT, the Industrial Internet of Things. SUSiEtec provides a tailored end-to-end IoT framework, developed in modular form, where components can be picked and used as needed for dedicated use cases. It is a comprehensive technology that’s designed to help connect devices, applications and platforms by providing the necessary link between them. The framework is customized to fit requirements of different applications and is deployed at the boundary between sensors and cloud. This toolset analyzes all data coming from devices and enables acting from the insights by integrating with back-end systems.

The increasing global use of IoT reduces the costs of such components, pushing them into all aspects of our lives and products. However focusing on real use-cases and added value is the key element to focus upon, when it comes to implementations at customer sites to ensure a long term success for them by either enabling new businesses or optimizing/automating existing setups.
Here the SUSiEtec Framework comes into play, representing all gained expertise in different verticals it brings this value and use-cases into the customers environment.
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A brand of Kontron Technologies GmbH.

Kontron Technologies GmbH takes the requirements of customers into account and combines core competencies from different technology segments as well as expertise from different markets. This efficient combination of innovative proprietary technologies, high-quality IT solutions and professional services shapes Kontron Technologies. The variety of services includes software solutions that meet standard requirements as well as individual wishes. Kontron Technologies offers process and business consulting as well as the implementation of digital workflows in existing systems and mobile software solutions, up to software development in the area of management software.