SD-WAN is now the foundation to bring enterprise connectivity and security everywhere.
A software-defined WAN is a software-driven wide-area network, agnostic to WAN transport (supporting MPLS, Internet, LTE, etc.)  and built as a virtualized network overlay. The result is a cost-effective and easy to manage system compared to a traditional WAN.
The technology is considered for multiple domains covering IT (Information Technology or the office part of the enterprise) and OT (Operational Technology – the factory part). 

At the moment the SD-WAN market continues with 34% CAGR expected for the next 2 to 3 years.
Kontron Transportation identified this strong market evolution of secure SD-WAN in 2015, partnering with VeloCloud. This partnership has been reinforced with VMware, and the partner connect program signed between Kontron Transportation and VMware in 2020. As a major SD-WAN industry leader, VMware provides best-in-class SD-WAN functionality and scalability, combining VMware SD-WAN™ technology and security for multiple architectures.

With more than 3000 sites deployed and one of the largest SD-WAN networks in Europe, Kontron Transportation and his customers confirm the top benefits of SD-WAN solutions: security improvement, better management and agility, bandwidth optimization and cost savings, and last but not least, faster Cloud applications performance. A software-based WAN architecture improves the user experience, enhances reliability, especially for business-critical applications and facilitates the  transition to a Cloud-based architecture. SD-WAN connects branch offices, remote workers, legacy data centers and private Clouds around the globe, while at the same time being the lower-cost, next-generation alternative to a traditional WAN. Finally and most importantly, market adoption of  public Cloud offering (such as Office 365 or any other Software as a Service offer) is everyday confirmed with enterprises moving more and more IT based application to the Cloud. The VMware SD-WAN solution improves End-to-End security, reliability and user experience thanks to a worldwide gateway infrastructure located next to major Public Cloud point of presences. 


With in-depth knowledge of SD-WAN systems integration, telecommunications systems, Software-as-a-Service and IT, Kontron has the expertise needed to ensure success for global enterprise WAN transformation. 
You can evolve your network without limits, quickly adding everything from new voice and video services with the latest security technologies. Moreover, as an independent network expert we support, plan, design and implement projects including multi-vendor integration, which then accelerate the transition to Next Gen WAN. Minimizing project risks and complexity, Kontron's SD-WAN service offer gets you a strong potential for cost reduction as well as making your network smart, robust and future proof.

VMware SD-WAN in different industries

We invite you to view the replay of our French webinar which describes the key features of VMware SD-WAN in response to the needs of different industries, sharing our experience gained from large deployments of the solution. Please feel free to contact us at We will get back to you as soon as possible (in French or English).