Cloud Connectivity through SD-WAN Solutions

Cloud application performance requires efficient Cloud Connectivity. This is a major goal of the Software-defined WAN or SD-WAN solution - to connect a cloud-based infrastructure to your end user or edge computing system.   
A regular Cloud connection to Cloud environments via VPN, to Multi-Cloud or public Cloud services, might suffer several disadvantages like insufficient bandwidth resulting in connectivity problems on the customer side or lacking end-to-end Quality of service (QoS). Some large Cloud providers like AWS Direct (Amazon Web Services), Google Cloud or Microsoft Azure offer dedicated connections to simplify Cloud networking for private customers and enterprises. 
However, some enterprises don't want to commit to major service providers, but rather turn to other solutions like MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching). MPLS solutions are very reliable but at the same time cost intensive. 

The Benefits of SD-WAN

A SD-WAN is a cost-effective, yet highly functional connectivity solution for companies. It gives companies the ability to connect branch offices and branch locations to data centers over a very long distance. The direct Cloud connectivity results in higher performance within the Cloud platform and faster transmission of information. SD-WAN is more reliable as well as more cost-effective than private connectivity solutions such as MPLS. It is perfectly suited for companies that refrain from using public Cloud providers. 

Whatever Cloud service you use (IAAS, PAAS, SAAS) and whichever type of Cloud (public, private, hybrid), the VMWare SD-WAN offers multiple approaches: 

A worldwide presence of gateways co-located with major internet peering points and Cloud service provider POPS to extend your SD-WAN performances and control next to the Cloud.

Direct integration of SD-WAN edge on your Cloud infrastructure. Cloud Computing is no longer the future, it is the present. Interconnectivity is mission-critical. Therefore, it is essential to make Cloud connectivity part of your enterprise WAN infrastructure for better control and monitoring. Create a next-generation working environment by incorporating SD-WAN technology into your communication.