Tailor-made and cost effective solutions for infrastructure railway operators.


We provide communication system and operational solutions for Mission Critical customers in the railway sector and infrastructure railway operators. Furthermore, we also work for critical communications solutions as well as Telecommunications solutions for railways, rail transport, ÖPNV, trams, busses and trains.

Although Communication and Signalling is of course highly important on main railways, a profund telecommunications network on secondary lines, low level rails and branch lines is also an absolute necessity. 

In fact, in some countries the network of so-called smaller rails is far more distinct that presumed. Those rails are connected to various stations and factories, thus granting access to freight transportation as well as playing a major part in passenger services. Smaller Railway and Transit routes are an integral part of the transportation sector and therefore deserve and require an all-embracing, reliable and state-of-the-art communication network of the highest level according to FRMCS architecture and standard.  

With our solutions like MCx oTT, MCx, FRMCS (Future Railway Mobile Communication System), GSM-R, Passenger Information System, Crowd Management, Health & Safety solutions, Wi-Fi solutions, DMR, Tetra and Asset Management, our customers get everything out of one single source. 

We are your trustful partner when it comes to service qualities like consulting, research & development, design & engineering, installation, commissioning, system integration and acceptance, technical operation and maintenance, E2E-responsibility and general contracting.

With our professional team, experts and as integrator we will find the right tailor-made solution for your individual requirement. We optimize everything exactly on your needs.


Kontron’s communication services for Secondary Lines

  • We evaluate your needs
  • We provide a tailor-made solution
  • MCx solutions according the standards like 3GPP, ETSI, ERTMS
  • MCx solution provides more functionality as GSM-R
  • MCx solution suited as cost effective solution compared to GSM-R
  • Your end-to-end multivendor and service integrator
  • Managing projects with various suppliers & partners
  • Professional rollout with certified project-teams
  • Your long-term service partner for maintenance

MCx communication technology

See, how The Kontron MCx communication technology is implemented at WLE – Westfählische Landeseisenbahn, Secondary Line in Germany


We offer you a “railway designed” end to end solution for the secondary lines as opposed to a MNO based solution.

A couple years ago, our R&D in Montigny implemented (and validated in our labs) an innovative and unique solution for displacing the aging copper lines without resorting to an expensive deployment of optical fiber. This happened upon request from many of our railway customers in Europe and in order to ensure the transmission of critical railway information, including for signaling and MCX communication wherever GSM-R cannot be deployed.

The Kontron TRACe platform embedding a SDWAN virtual machine from vmware is used as a network enabler and brings the necessary reliability for mission critical applications.

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