Asset management for railway infrastructure operators


The INFRALIFE® software from 3B infra is the proven vertical one-stop-shop solution for linear asset management (LAM) along the rail. The main principle is facilitating the holistic management of integrated railway networks, assets, maintenance, forecasting, life cycle management as well as reporting & process visualization. 
Linear Asset Management is one of the main provisions to identify specific resources, control statuses along the rail and achieve maintenance requirements. The implementation of sustainable asset management for railway organizations is a major approach towards secure and long-lasting asset maintenance for train operation.
INFRALIFE® integrates infrastructure-expertise and current information technology. The software is based on a strictly modular concept. Customers profit from a best practice approach that derives from close collaboration & development together with railway infrastructure companies.

Management and Maintenance of Rail Asset needs to be on the core of every operation decision, process execution and future planning of rail companies, to deliver the highest level of security to passengers. The INFRALIFE® software guarantees to exceed the given needs.
Sensors can connect to INFRALIFE® and transmit data 24/7 for smart asset condition monitoring, guaranteeing data availability on multiple levels.
The mobile use of INFRALIFE®mobile – available on both Android and iOs - is optimized for the process of service team field work.

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About 3B infra

3B infra is an innovative IT-undertaking. It delivers software solutions to railway infrastructure operators. Precise knowledge of technical railway assets and their condition are necessary requirements for the optimized management of cost-intensive infrastructure. Here lies the core competence of 3B infra.

It specializes in railway technology and IT software systems and knows the challenges in the railway business. As an innovative solution provider in the areas of railway infrastructure, the company offers consulting, design, development and implementation of asset management standard software.