Public Transport Communication

Deploy a secure and robust digital network in a vastly analog environment without impacting your traffic.

Kontron Transportation is a leading, global manufacturer, supplier and systems integrator of end-to-end telematics and communications systems. Our converged solutions are designed to address the mission critical and vertical markets with products that are specifically designed for and already proven in very demanding environment.
Kontron Transportation has specialized in system migration. Our portfolio for public transport and transport organizations largely benefits from our extensive experience serving the railway industry. We specifically aim to address the requirement for the urging need to deploy a secure and robust digital network in a vastly analog environment without impacting the traffic. 



Kontron Transportation’s converged solutions include elements developed in house such as our NextGen radio infrastructure for operational communications, our certified onboard computers for various edge computing or Industrial IoT applications and our ticketing platform.
As a highly qualified and specialized system integrator, Kontron is known for the development and successful delivery of turnkey projects in the mission critical environment. We select our industrial partners based on their agility and ability to work in full collaboration with our research and development teams. Thus, we allow the supply of a state of the art product and yet flexible approach to our customers as well as their ability to match our quality driven standards. Always striving for excellence, we know that our customer’s needs are unique. We source the best components from leading vendors, and together with our own products we provide the integration needed to build a customized, best-of breed result.
Always looking to the future, Kontron Transportation designs and builds powerful, scalable networks that support the next generation of high bandwidth voice and data services. Our network technology helps our transport customers from the public sector to transform their business, maximize employee productivity on the move, keep their passengers safe, and achieve the best business outcomes. We create opportunities and integrate technology for optimized mobility and a more efficient transport system. We improve the safety of passenger transport on road or rail by implementing sustainable telecommunication with a distinct focus on security. Communication for transports on road, railway or other routes benefit from Kontron’s coordination of knowledge, technology and resources.


Kontron Transportation’s Communication solutions serve various applications. Common use cases are:

  • Migration or greenfield deployment of PMR with MCX applications
  • Edge computing for Industrial IoT, asset and personnel monitoring or onboard video surveillance for vehicles
  • Automatic railway operations and autonomous transport applications
  • Passenger’s information 
  • Industrial control system (ICS) and critical infrastructures (CI) cybersecurity
  • Ticketing methods 
  • Legacy transmission infrastructure replacement or adaption to the IP environment

For further information please contact Allain Razafimaharo.

Kontron Public Transportation Belgium


Public transport services are nowadays delivered in a rapidly changing and highly competitive environment, where both the customer experience, safety and operational improvements are of a great importance. Kontron Public Transportation, as part of Kontron Transportation, offers the most optimal solutions suited to the specific needs of the public transport customers to help maximize revenue, increase ridership, ensure safe traveling and streamline operations.  The offering encompasses both comprehensive hardware and software solutions and high-end, state of art and efficient automated fare collection (ticketing) systems.

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