DMR - Digital Mobile Radio for Critical Communications

Digital mobile radio, secure, reliable and efficient trunked mobile communications designed to perfect scale with your business.

With reliable communications networks, operators of mission-critical networks can ensure services run smoothly, and maximize safety for users, passengers and staff. At Kontron Transportation, we have been designing, installing and managing mission-critical radio communications systems for many years. Our turnkey solutions, which are based on ETSI's Digital Mobile Radio Tier 3 or trunked standard, leads the industry in terms of resilience, affordability and availability. They are flexible in supporting 80MHz VHF to UHF frequency bands.
Using Time-division multiple access (TDMA ), users gain multiple access to the same frequency-division. DMR provides seamless migration from analog professional mobile radio systems (PMR) as DMR Is able to use the same 12,5 kHz channels but doubling the capacity in one frequency channel.
Thus in particular we are focusing on helping professional mobile radio users within having still analogue mobile radio systems to migrate to DMR technology, both quickly and cost-effectively.


Key benefits of our DMR portfolio include:

  • Easy migration to DMR radios:
    Analogue to digital migration with our DMR systems is smoothly since license holders may keep the existing licenses to ensure backwards compatibility with your own legacy radios.
  • Lower CAPEX/OPEX:
    Kontron Transportation simplifies your DMR architecture and enables the reuse of existing antenna infrastructure. Together with lower power consumption and smaller operational efforts your costs will decrease significantly, making the new DMR more cost-effective.
  • Scalable architecture:
    The Kontron Transportation  DMR solutions scale from single frequency simplex to high density multi-carrier solutions. Together with its multi-tenant capability it fits applications and coverage areas of all sizes.
  • Efficient supplier management:
    Our solution is based on DMR Tier III technology in the VHF low, VHF high and UHF low bands , but also support DMR Tier II. The DMR standard conforms to ETSI, offering you a wider choice of device manufacturers for mobile communications.
  • Optimised network performance:
    Kontron Transportation’s DMR solution doubles the capacity compared to legacy analog radio and provides full duplex to support two simultaneous calls already with a single base station. This is one of the best spectrum efficiency of all technologies.
  • Blackout proof availability:
    High availability through redundant control units, virtualization of core switches, advanced energy saving mode, encryption, control channels and many more powerful features ensures highest safety and security even during major blackouts.


Our DMR portfolio includes:

  • DMR.networks:
    Our DMR.networks comprise georedundant or virtualized control units, power efficient base stations and transmission networks. The high performance base station meets all ETSI DMR Tier 3 standards and supports simulcast and trunking operations enabling a smooth transition from legacy analog to digital wireless operation. We also support the widest range of spectrum. Network power efficient features ensure a leaner and greener radio network, as well as a long lifecycle and make your core network blackout-proof. More features upon request.
  • DMR.terminals: 
    Our high performance DMR.terminals meet all ETSI DMR Tier 3 standards and include portable radio, mobile radio systems as well as cab radios for public transport. Most products are designed to meet stringent Mil 810 standard and IP67. The radios are multi-mode, analog and digital DMR trunking supporting fully duplex operation and are equipped with built in GPS and Bluetooth wireless technology and a wide range of accessories.
  • DMR.applications: 
    A comprehensive range of applications from flexible dispatcher applications, web server-based configuration, integrated network and subscriber management to voice recording applications are available. We can adapt all applications to fit your needs.
    Our services range from analysis, consulting, radio planning, design, integration, installation and training, to the maintenance and operation of the entire DMR solution.


We are deploying DMR networks for many industries:

  • Railways:
    For sidetracks shunting,  station operations or secondary lines.
  • Public services:
    Critical and secure radio and data transmission for government, safety and security.
  • Energy providers:
    For black-out security, meter data management and grid control.
  • Public Transport:
    For high-speed operational and ITCS communications.



Forward to the future of mission-critical networks:


Cross-networks for smart cities:
As mission-critical telecommunications expert we have made our networks interoperable. This benefits all industries as our world is becoming ever more connected. Our GSM-R, TETRA and DMR networks also work with public and next generation network subsystems in various interworking scenarios..

Even though both technologies are similar, there are many differences if you have a detailed look. TETRA is a proven standard for high density networks, whereas DMR is a better fit for upgrading analog networks. We are experts in both technologies and help you to decide which architecture, devices and services best suit your needs satisfying your requirements.