Intelligent Network Edge

At the edge of WAN infrastructure, Kontron Transportation builds, integrates and manages any type of Network Edge solutions. From the Cloud - directly hosting Virtual Edge function - to branch offices, data centers, industrial sites or even on-board hardware platforms for trains or buses. Bringing highly reliable and easy to deploy and control network infrastructure. SD-WAN is the foundation to address WAN connectivity requirement of various industries. 



For branch offices, Edge solutions can be SD-WAN appliances. In this case, the Edge Cloud purpose is usually limited to SD-WAN service.  
For big enterprises looking for flexible, low cost & manufacturer independent Edge functions, uCPE (Universal Customer Premises Equipment) is replacing multiple network hardware. Several virtual network functions are hosted on COTS white box hardware – then supporting SD-WAN Edge, firewalls, routers or any other network function on the same platform.



Kontron Transportation takes benefit of the wide Kontron group hardware portfolio. Specialized in Industrial & Embedded applications, the Kontron portfolio includes Edge solutions from hardened uCPE, to Edge computing including  IOT specialized platforms. 

In addition to multiple quality and safety features such as onboard certification for trains, busses and subway trains, Kontron provides very secured software environments.

A special firmware completes the hardware solutions, providing virtualization layers to support OS agnostic environments as well as containers, which then support Legacy as well as DevOps approaches. Basic Edge connectivity is deployed and can be enhanced hosting Software-defined WAN and/or Firewall VNF. 

Security is specially reinforced through hardware “root of trust”, encrypted updates, certificates, remote attestation and cyber defense measures.
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