Tailor-made digitalization from a single source for a successful digital transformation.

Kontron Transportation is a global supplier of end-to-end communications technology and one of the leading keyplayers in the development of the next generation of broadband technology for mission-critical infrastructure. We digitize the railway business, using a wide array of innovative solutions as well as digital technologies. We implement the path to automated business transformation for our customers.

In 2020, we have expanded our business model with intelligent and innovative models as well as business models for digital strategies, which position us as an expert in the field of digitalization. Together with our partners, we offer an ecosystem of customized answers and innovations from a single source of tailor-made agile solutions, to bring the customers on the next level and to shorten the time to market.

The Kontron Railway Digitization Ecosystem is modularly and dynamically structured and offers customized blueprints which reflect our rich expertise as a system integrator within the telecommunication market. Of course with a clear focus on business value and sophisticated user-friendly analytics functions. Obviously all components are also combinable with each other.

As a system- and service integrator, we work together with our customers to digitize their strategy to develop rapidly implementable solutions aiming for an Industry 4.0. We specialize on cost optimization in operations and asset management. In addition to Digitalization, we contribute to increasing the service for passengers.




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