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Computer-on-Modules – the Best Compromise
2023 04 14

As Product Manager, Martin Unverdorben is responsible for Computer-on-Module pro ...

Kontron at embedded world 2023

Embedded workstations are the human-machine interface of choice in environments ...

SPS 2022: Raspberry Pi 4 at the heart of Kontron industrial controller
2022 11 02 Electronics Weekly

Kontron is to introduce programmable logic controllers based on Raspberry Pi 4 a ...

Kontron Computing Power for Smart Trains
2022 10 05 Railway International

The demands on communication systems in rail transport have increased considerab ...

Low-code application for interface integration
22_08_12 Machine Building

Thanks to a web client with a low-code approach, the latest version of Kontron ...

Heavy Mobile Equipment: Transforming Industries

How construction, agriculture, and mining areleveraging AI, deep learning, and m ...

Kontron and Intel on advanced in-vehicle computing

“The key to transforming mining” ...

Kompakte Rechenpower
20.07. 2022 SPS Magazin

In der Industrie gibt es verstärkt datenintensive Edge- und AI-Anwendungen. Um ...

COM Express Solutions for Autonomous Systems on Heavy Mobile Equipment

Kontron and Intel experts explain how rugged, modular COM Express solutions redu ...

Kontron's COMh-ccAS delivers higher graphics and computing performance for IoT applications
2022 05 05 industryemea

Kontron, a leading global provider of IoT/Embedded Computer Technology (ECT), no ...

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