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Kontron and Janz Tec intensify partnership for innovative IoT solutions
24 05 01 eBOM

      Kontron, a leading global provider of IoT/Embedded Comp ...

Kontron introduces COM Express Basic Type 6
24_04_08 electronic specifier

Kontron has introduced a new COM Express Basic Type 6 Module featuring the Intel ...

Kontron AG with a strong year as a pure IoT player
24_04_02 eBOM

Kontron AG, the leader in Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, today published it ...

Kontron launch 5G campus network for German facility
2024/02/28 electronic specifier

Kontron has inaugurated a commercial 5G campus network at its production and war ...

Mini-STX format motherboards
2024/02/16 engineer news network

Embedded systems and display solutions provider, Review Display Systems (RDS) ha ...

Compact motherboard features exceptional performance and functionality
2024/02/15 electropages

Review Display Systems has introduced two new mini-STX format motherboards from ...

Limitless communication with new multilingual functionality
2024/02/14, eBOM Magazine

AI-based automatic translation enables efficient international communicatio ...

Kontron VX3908 Ethernet L2/L3 network switch
2023/20/12 electronic specifier

Kontron has announced the VX3908, a fully managed 3U VPX Layer2/3 Gigabit Ethern ...

Kontron presents new COM-HPC® server module with Intel® Xeon® D-1700 processor
2023/11/27 ebom

Kontron,  a leading global provider of IoT/Embedded Computer Technology (EC ...

Kontron mini-ITX SBC features extensive scalability and expansion options
2023/11/7 Components in Electronics

isplay solutions and embedded systems provider Review Display Systems (RDS) has ...

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