Digital Enterprise

Benefit from our development capabilities, strong support organization and customer-oriented teams in your digital transformation. 

In the fast-moving world of Digital Transformation, enterprises need a strong transformation partner. Kontron’s expertise, development capabilities and experience around Digital Transformation make this transition easier, faster and safer for enterprises willing to access to a large panel of solutions and technologies. 

Kontron is focused on the following Digital Technologies:


Based on Tier One partners and in-house products, these technologies are integrated in an international portfolio for enterprises that work in industrial domain, as well as services or retail. Our fast-growing customer installed base benefits from our development capabilities, strong support organization and customer-oriented teams. This ensures access to a large product portfolio, able to address end-to-end solutions, with a strong focus on security, resilience and capability to evolve for future needs.

Digital enterprises and digital businesses acquire a competitive advantage over their competition by developing new business processes and digital skills that are necessary in the digital era. IoT, SaaS, Automation, Cloud Computing and Machine Learning lead to a greater customer experience and to an increase in business growth. Every industry will face new digital challenges as well as new business models. Only by enhancing their current digital capabilities and developing new ones it is possible for companies to truly achieve the status of a digital enterprise. 
Driving innovation, implementing a digital strategy and making necessary investments in a digital program are the cornerstones of the transformation into a digital enterprise. Kontron is the perfect partner for your next steps.