Kontron Transportation is an international expert in Railway Dedicated Networks with over 20 years of experience.

Kontron Transportation is a leader in Railway Dedicated Networks (RDN), supporting safe and efficient travel on more than 84,000 km of railway tracks across Europe, Africa and Asia. We take care of the safe operation of freight and passenger transport on high-speed rails in Germany, Russia, China, India and many other countries. We have been designing, building, deploying and supporting RDN solutions based on the UIC EIRENE standards for more than 20 years. Kontron Transportation RDN solutions support operators’ mission-critical voice and data communications at speeds of up to 574 km/h.
Digitalization is transforming high-speed, long-distance rail systems transport , where it allows  train employees to increase the capacity and reliability of tracks infrastructure. The process of digital transformation also prepares operators and authorities for future technologies and wireless standards that will support rich applications and new business models, enabled by Industrial IoT, cognitive analytics, machine learning, AI and much more.



To operate rail transport effectively and protect passengers and staff on high-speed rails, rail employees need a communication system which is constantly available and able to support a wide range of railways specific functionality. With these requirements in mind, we have created our unique Railway Dedicated Network Portfolio (RDN.portfolio).
All our solutions are ERTMS compliant and EU CCS TSI certified. We actively work with railway authorities such as ERA, UIC, UNIFE and train drivers to ensure a smooth transition into the rail freight transport.Kontron Transportation has already prepared its portfolio towards Next-Generation Architecture. Our labs integrate End-to-End mission critical Push-to-Talk (MCPTT) based solutions, enabling the enhanced support of railway specific services and interconnecting with UNIFE networks to best prepare for technology co-existence and smooth transition.



Our railway communications solutions help to maximize passenger safety based on extremely high availability for mission-critical voice and data services and compliance with EIRENE standards for emergency alerts.


We invest in R&D, enabling us to build innovative, world class railway communications solutions for our customers.


Our entire RDN product portfolio meets and exceeds GSM-R standards, including core, access and transmission infrastructure, management tools, applications and terminals.


All of our solutions are designed and built to meet the specific operational requirements of railway operators: not adapted from generic carrier solutions. This ensures that RDN solutions provide the mission criticality and specific rail functionality operators need.


We have the  portfolio and skillsets needed to deliver entire RDN projects, giving drivers a single point of contact and accountability as well as reducing complexity and costs.


Unlike competing offerings, our RDN solutions are supported for the extended railway equipment lifecycle, which means “inlife” support for 15+ years.


All our solutions are ERTMS-compliant and EU CCS TSI certified. We work with the ERA, UIC, ETSI, the UNIFE, rail transport specialists and others to drive the next-generation of railway communication innovations.


We help rail transport experts migrate to all-IP infrastructure over time, making it easier to adopt new technologies based on upgrades. We are also working with standard bodies to ensure that our  framework is compatible with all future wireless standards, whether that’s LTE, 4.5G or 5G.



Next Generations insights

From GSM-R to FRMCS : our commitment for an evolution in continuity

Kontron Transportation prepares a smooth transition to FRMCS and has developed an innovative and seamless approach ensuring services continuity and reuse of installed infrastructure between technologies (GSM-R and FRMCS ) – Kontron Transportation can already demonstrate its capabilities for this transition to FRMCS through demos in its labs or experimentation and field trials upon customer request. 

This smart approach enables operators to migrate to next-generation incrementally at their own pace, while protecting investments in legacy infrastructure and minimizing the risk of disruption to mission-critical processes. Kontron Transportation has engaged concrete steps to move this strategy forward by:


Actively driving the definition of the next generation architecture in railway standards and European research programs:

  • Providing an End-to-End portfolio designed to bridge with FRMCS to ensure this smooth evolution to a more connected rail transport system
  • Already integrating the requirements for technology co-existence and service convergence

Acknowledging the stringent requirement for service convergence and interoperability on rails:

  • Our AS combines both SCP and MCX services support
  • Kontron is actively participating to ETSI plugtests

Evolution in continuity:
Along  this smooth transition towards FRMCS , Kontron Transportation took the long term support engagement for the  GSM-R  system at least until 2035, together with its customers. 

This means :

  • Continue GSM-R portfolio in line with railway standards and customer specific requirements
  • Pursue IP evolution with fundamental requirements for mission-critical services in mind 
  • Committed to long term support until your FRMCS network becomes operational


Kontron Transportation will allow railway operators to increase the capacity and reliability of their tracks infrastructure. The process of digital transformation also prepares operators and authorities for future technologies and wireless standards that will support rich applications and new business models, enabled by Industrial IoT, cognitive analytics, machine learning, AI and much more.

Beside the pure networks  framework delivery capability , Kontron Transportation provides a wide range of products or solutions to support the digitalization of transport organization and mission critical customers:

  • eGPRS : first step of digitalization of GSM-R network
  • IIoT solution: network usage digitalization, predictive maintenance, asset management
  • Cybersecurity: network securing becomes unavoidable
  • Software Defined Wide Area Network (SDWAN): foundation to bring connectivity and security everywhere