Critical communications solutions for public transport, utilities and safety.

With reliable communications networks, operators of mission critical networks can ensure services run smoothly, and maximize safety for users, passengers and staff. At Kontron Transportation, we have been designing, installing, and managing mission-critical radio communications systems for many years. Our TETRA.network solution, which is based on the Terrestrial Trunked Radio, short TETRA standard, a successor of the previous TETRAPOL system is a long-term standard for critical business operations communication. The Trans-European mobile radio communication system standard leads the industry of mission critical applications in terms of resilience and availability and was specifically developed for the application in critical public safety and other mission critical surroundings. Kontron Transportation addresses the opportunities and future broadband demands of the global business-critical market. Mission-critical communications are transmitted over various technologies such as TETRA and DMR networks, but new technology is needed to add true mobile broadband to mission-critical workloads. Much of LTE development has been driven by standardization committees. In particular we are focusing on our mission of helping professional mobile radio users to migrate to Broadband and LTE, both quickly and cost-effectively.


Our TETRA communication portfolio includes:

  • TETRA.networks:
    We have all infrastructure components for your TETRA.network available, ranging from central switching Node to base stations.
  • TETRA.terminals:
    Our communication terminals include handhelds, mobile phones and devices as well as cab radios and data devices.
  • TETRA.services:
    Our infrastructure services range from analysis, consulting, design, integration, installation and training, to the maintenance and operation of entire networks.
  • TETRA.applications:
    From voice & data logging to network management we can customize all applications according to your needs.


We are deploying TETRA networks for many critical industries, including public safety:

  • Railways:
    For large shunting or station operations.
  • Airports:
    For safe flight dispatching and ground staff operations.
  • Energy providers:
    For black-out security, meter data management and grid control.
  • Public Transport:
    For operational and ITCS communications.


Our success stories include:



  • 17 line kilometers
  • 4 TETRA base stations
  • 30 cab radios


  • 75 line kilometers
  • 12 TETRA base stations
  • 93 cab radios

German Municipality:

  • Area coverage of entire urban area
  • 3 multi-sector TETRA base stations
  • Support of metering applications


Forward to the future of mission-critical networks:

  • Cross-networks for smart cities:
    As mission-critical communication expert we have made our networks interoperable. This benefits all industries as our world is becoming ever more connected. Our GSM-R, TETRA system and DMR networks also work with critical public and next generation networks to provide a higher standard of point-to-point and point-to-multipoint communication.
  • TETRA vs. DMR:
    Even though both systems are similar, there are many differences if you have a detailed look. TETRA as a frequency-division duplex system is a proven standard for high density networks, whereas DMR is a better fit for upgrading analog systems. We are experts in both systems and help you to decide which architecture, devices and services best suit your needs.