Carrier Solutions

We put the puzzle together to integrate NFV solutions into your surrounding virtual network system.


The Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) is a disruptive innovation within the telecommunications industry. Most of its providers are unified in the NFV Industry Specification Group or NFV ISG. Digital transformation started with the migration of mobile and fixed line networks to an all IP network several years ago and is now reaching the next step towards SDN (Software-defined networking) with the introduction of NFV Infrastructure and VNFs as well as service providers, equipment and new communication ideas on top of it. A software defined architecture that includes SD-WAN, NFV-I & VNF’s, cloud and edge computing network services, open and virtualized RAN and orchestrated zero touch automation is the answer of today’s operators’ pains and needs in terms of time to market, introduction of new application and operational needs. 



The orchestration of high-speed communication on mobile devices and mobile phones is increasingly challenging. Wireless telephony is common. The telecom market is becoming more and more competitive, the industry is changing, technology is advancing rapidly, and Telecommunications Companies are fighting for market share. Service providers can refer to new equipment and advanced network functions. NFV can provide Telecommunication equipment companies with a competitive market edge. NFV deployments to create an end-to-end virtualized network requires less hardware infrastructure, lowering deployment cost and the ability to offer competitive rates to your subscribers. In this surrounding, NFV-MANO provides an orchestration for Virtualized Network Functions (VNF).



Virtualization has led to a surge of new Telecoms Equipment Manufacturers (TEMs) offering innovative and disruptive solutions. There are plenty of new start-ups operating on an efficient cost structure to mix-up the traditional Telecommunications Equipment global providers with their power to drive change. Only an experienced system and service integrator is able to keep pace and put the puzzle together to integrate the NFV solutions into the surrounding virtual network system. Such a system and service integrator is Kontron Transportation.

Security Solution

We’ve always had to implement adequate security solutions into our network functions. We’ve done end-to-end deployments for Telco and critical infrastructure networks and applications, so security has always played an important role. The more the network services have shifted to All IP and the virtualization of Telco functions inside the IT datacenter, the more we focused on network security. As classical telco networks transformed into IP data networks, IP services like DNS, DHCP and NAT added several new attack vectors and security risks to the Telecommunications world. Therefore, our major goals are to protect the network and the transferred data in a best practice way also using state of the art IT technologies adapted to telco business needs.

Professional communication Services

KTR Professional Services for NFV offer clearly structured service-packages tailored to technical and commercial business needs. We work closely with you to define the individual service deliverables in each project according to your requirements.

Our staff consists of technical and business experts who are familiar with today's global business issues and Telecommunications - equipment and are able to relate and apply their experience to similar challenges that you, our customers, face daily. Manufacturer and telecom companies benefit from our years of operational and consulting expertise, by choosing from our flexible service-portfolio.

Our Service-Mission is based on:

  • Quality
  • Competence
  • Commitment
  • Flexibility & Agility

Our key-target is customer satisfaction.


KTR Technical Consulting professionals are experienced industry experts combining IT with legacy and state of the art telecommunications expertise in terms of protocol, architecture and engineering capabilities to help telecom providers to transform their networks into fully operational NFV. 

KTR has the telecommunication expertise the customer is looking for. We understand communications investments as business decisions. Business objectives, such as cost reduction, productivity increase and customer service improvement and Digital Transformation should drive the investment process. We understand the short- and long-term costs and benefits associated with different communication solution alternatives, and can help you to avoid critical pitfalls, such as high cost and poor quality.

Our Technical Consulting service saves time, money, and prevents network degradation by monitoring and analyzing information, evaluating alternatives, implementing changes and working with vendors to continuously optimize network performance. Contact us for further information.