Corporate Responsibility

Kontron Transportation group

Kontron Transportation is a leading global supplier of end-to-end communications solutions for mission-critical networks. Its portfolio includes GSM-Railways, FRMCS (future railway mobile communication system), TETRA, DMR, LTE solutions for mission critical networks as well as mobility solutions for the public transport sector and is enabled with the entire service value chain, from planning, developing and producing to deploying, integrating, maintaining and operating.  
Kontron Transportation invests in research and development and is driving the evolution into the next generation of broadband solutions for mission-critical networks, for instance as an associated member of the European research initiative Shift2Rail. 
Kontron Transportation is headquartered in Vienna (Kontron Transportation GmbH) with main subsidiaries in Belgium, France, Germany, Portugal, Spain, the Czech Republic and United Kingdom. 
Approved by our owners, we implement a strategy to increase the confidence in the company. The primary goal is to achieve the owners’ growth targets. From that we generate profits in order to gain financial strength for investments into our future. 

Our values

  • Trust:
    We give customers peace of mind that with us as their trusted partner and advisor, their experience and outcome will be intelligently designed to achieve their business goals. 
  • Commitment:
    Embedded in each of us is a steadfast dedication to ensuring the success of our colleagues, customers and shareholders by valuing their investment. 
  • Creativity:
    We harness our creativity, scaling individual ingenuity into a global collective intelligence, to develop innovative solutions that make the most of our customers’ application. 
  • Leadership:
    With our focus on forward-thinking ideas and products, we enhance the capabilities of our customers and the industry, leading an ecosystem that makes our world smarter and better. 
  • Agility:
    We drive our business forward by embracing change and following through with speed and precision. 


CEO Statement

“As part of the Kontron group, we are a global leading company of end-to-end communications solutions for mission critical networks. With our partners, we create leading innovations for railway operators and operators of mission critical networks. We expand our market position with new innovative, products and cross-selling opportunities and we lead our customers into a digital future. We are committed to high product- and service quality and working in promising and forward looking R&D projects. We have an integrated management system and a leader ship approach as well as continuous improvements, which support our business.” 

Michael Riegert CEO Kontron Transportation GmbH

Our customers

Kontron Transportation Group works closely with its customers, allowing them to focus on their core competencies by offering a complete and integrated portfolio of hardware, software and services designed to help them make the most of their applications. 

Our Employees

We are aware that our employees’ expertise, commitment and loyalty represent the competitive advantage, which has given us our unique selling proposition in the past and will do so in the future in the midst of a rapidly changing commercial and technological environment. Our employees’ competence creates a bridge between people and technology, between products and their value. This is essential for our long-term market success. It is our objective and personal concern to promote and develop this competence. 
In dealing with our employees, we maintain openness, a team spirit and individual responsibility. Together with our employees, we want to provide a productive and pleasant working environment, which promotes and anchors commitment and individual performance. We want to develop those conditions, which create personal satisfaction and allow our employees’ initiative and creativity to flourish. We are committed to the leadership of our employees and offer wide latitude in achieving clearly defined objectives. 

Corporate responsibility

For Kontron Transportation Group, sustainability means to contribute to worldwide sustainable growth, respecting the environment, the society and the economy. We have created a corporate culture of integrity and ethical behavior which all current employees must continue to live each day. 
Integrity is at the center of our performance. Our success stems from a deeply engrained culture of ethics and integrity which strengthens our relationships with our employees, customers, suppliers and communities. Our Code of Conduct defines how we treat each other with fairness, dignity and respect. Acting with integrity allows us to attract and retain outstanding employees, maintain the Company’s ethical reputation and meet the high expectations of our suppliers and business partners.  
Compliance, the adherence to all applicable laws and regulations, stands as a core value of Kontron’s corporate culture. Kontron has enacted a clear Code of Conduct defining and outlining our firm commitment to not tolerate violations and to apply a zero tolerance policy for any non-compliance. Kontron’s Code of Conduct not only defines the principles and guidelines that govern our business conduct within the Kontron Organization; it also defines the requirements set forth by Kontron for its suppliers and business partners. Kontron expects its suppliers and business partners to adhere to Kontron’s Code of Conduct or a similar, but by no means a less stringent set of compliance guidelines and values.  
Doing business with integrity is the only way to do business. We appreciate our employees, customers, suppliers and communities and we are obligated to continuing to uphold our Company’s commitment to integrity. 

Information Security and Business Continuity

The aim of information security is to ensure stability and continuity of our solutions and services. Furthermore, it is intended to create a guaranteed and appreciated value for the company and our stakeholders. Information security risk management is conducted within the company to achieve the targets set in this domain, in particular with the aim of detecting and controlling company-relevant information security risks. Important and critical electronic information and documents are managed in terms of storage, transfer and transmission according to the criteria traceability, confidentiality, integrity and authenticity. We are committed to implementing and maintaining robust business continuity arrangements which will enable critical functions to continue to delivery key services in the event of minor/major incidents, disruptive events and crisis situations. 

Health, Safety, Environmental and Quality (HSEQ)

To promote and ensure the achievement of business objectives and enhancement of HSEQ performances, Kontron Transportation Group has implemented a documented and certified Integrated Management System.  The effectiveness of this Integrated Management System is regularly monitored by an internal audit program and through periodic management reviews.  Kontron Transportation Group is committed to contributing to protection of the natural environment for the benefit of future generations and will safeguard the Health, Safety and Welfare of our employees as well as other persons who may be affected by our activities.  Kontron Transportation Group is committed to continually improve efficiency of our Integrated Management System and performance wherever it conducts business. In support of this commitment, each employee is responsible to proactively identify potential sources of error and initiate appropriate measures for improvement, for taking reasonable care to protect and preserve the environment and to enhance the safety, health and well-being of themselves and of those around them.  To enhance stakeholder value, Kontron Transportation Group will liaise with customers, suppliers, relevant industry and educational bodies to improve business-related quality, environmental, health and safety performance.  

  • Our integrated management system is living and carried by all employees.   We are committed to satisfying the legal and governmental requirements. We adhere not only strict as minimum requirement to the national setting and/or collective agreements as well as regulations and rules, but also cooperate beyond that in specialized committees at the constant improvement of these.  
  • We regularly check our achievements in term of compliancy to products and services requirements, environmental preservation and the industrial safety and monitor the integrated management system performance by appropriate measures.  
  • We ensure an efficient use of resources by using  the best technology available for our technical developments, and also by conducting life-cycle analysis we reduce the polluting effects of our market services on the environment as small as possible.  
  • We use risk management as a strong preventive tool in all business area. In order to avoid accidents,  health problems or work-related pathologies of our employees and persons under our responsibility, we put in place appropriate awareness and working conditions. 
  • Our subcontractors and contractors are likewise requested, to ensure compliancy with our quality, safety and environment standards.  
  • By communication and training courses, we deepen the consciousness of our employees to motivate them to act on quality, environment protection and safety.  
  • We aim actively at the continuous improvement of our achievements with special consideration on customer satisfaction, environmental protection, use of resources, industrial safety and the health and safety.

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Standard Application  
 ISO 9001  Quality Management

 ISO 9001 Certificate

 ISO 9001 Certificate Appendix

 ISO 9001 Certificate Kontron Public Transportation

 ISO 14001  Environmental Management Standard

 ISO 14001 Certificate

 ISO 14001 Certificate Appendix

 ISO 45001

 Occupational Health and
 Safety Management Standard

 ISO 45001 Certificate

 ISO 45001 Certificate Appendix

 TCCA 2021 Membership certificate

 Critical Communications for all Professional Users  TCCA 2021 Membership Certificate

 ISO 27001

 Information Security Management System


ISO 27001 Certificate

ISO 27001 Certificate (German)

E6 Conformity of Production

Vehicles and automotive systems and parts E6 Conformity of Production Certificate Kontron Public Transportation