We prepare your smooth transition to the next communication generation with maximum cost efficiency. 


Kontron Transportation is an international leader in the development of new mission critical solutions and technology for Future Railway Mobile Communication Systems (FRMCS). We are preparing our railway customers for a smooth transition to the next communication generation, which will enable digital and simplified implementation and harmonization of Internet Protocol/ Session Initiation Protocol (IP/SIP) network architecture. We are paying particular attention to the best possible integration of existing critical systems.

Our portfolio of critical communications systems includes GSM-Railways, FRMCS (Future Railway Mobile Communication System), TETRA, DMR, IIoT, LTE solutions for mission-critical networks as well as mobility solutions for public transport and critical facilities. It covers the entire value chain from planning, development and production to deployment, integration, maintenance and operation of systems that are business-critical, operational and essential for public safety.

Our mission is to continue to use critical business operations investments already made together with our rail customers and to focus on maximum cost efficiency. This is what sets us apart! This is what our R&D experts in international R&D centers are working on. 
Kontron Transportation plays a leading role in international research and development projects such as ETSI, 3GPP, Shift2Rail and Victori.

In an ever-accelerating world with new communication and constantly evolving new technology, mission critical applications and mission-critical workloads are emerging. Critical communications require long-term interoperability, scalability, reliability, connectivity, critical infrastructure, Cyber Security and advanced global communication solutions. Push-to-Talk systems, IoT, broadband and other various technological concepts possess the ability to provide the critical communications sector and the communication sector as a whole with an innovative approach to a strategic transformation. 
It is our mission to offer our capability to deliver infrastructure, manage requirements and resources, develop software and deploy devices and applications to the industry to improve the performance of critical communications wherever needed.