To operate effectively and protect passengers and staff, rail operators need reliable, future-proof, secure network infrastructure. As the ERTMS agenda advances, railway communications must also be totally interoperable on global systems. Kontron Transportation’s end-to-end Railway Dedicated Network, short RDN, communication solutions are based on and exceed the GSM-R system standard. They support the entire range of railway voice and data communication system requirements. Performance is guaranteed at speeds exceeding 500 km/h (310 mph) without any communication loss, ensuring the safety of passengers and staff on the train. We have been designing, building, deploying and supporting end-to-end RDN solutions based on the GSM-R system standard for more than 20 years. Today, we are the industry leader, providing communication for around 84,000 kilometer of railway tracks across Europe, Africa and Asia.


How our GSM-R network looks like


  • End-to-end:
    We have the technology portfolio and skillsets needed to deliver entire RDN projects, giving operators a single point of contact and accountability, reducing complexity and costs.


  • Railway dedicated:
    We meet rail industry requirements for the solution lifecycle, supporting all of our railway communications solutions for 15 years or more, with commitment to support the technology at least until 2035.


  • Innovative:
    We invest nearly 15% of our annual revenues in R&D, enabling us to build innovative, world-class railway communications solutions for operators that already carry the next generation inside.


  • Driving new standards:
    We work with the ERA, the UIC, 3GPP, ETSI, Shift2Rail, UNIFE and others to drive the next-generation of railway-specific communication solutions innovations for the European Train Control System. All our solutions are ERTMS-compliant and ready for the introduction of ETCS over GPRS.


  • Best-of-breed:
    We offer an industry leading product portfolio, exceeding GSM-R standards, including railway core, access and transmission infrastructure, management tools, applications and terminals.


  • Future proof:
    We enable operators to migrate to all-IP infrastructure over time, making it easier to adopt new technologies with software-based upgrades. Our portfolio also integrates current functions into requirements of the future Railway Mobile Communication System (FRMCS) to ensure interworking between technologies. 


  • Safe and secure: 
    Our cost-effective communication solutions help to maximize passenger safety through extremely high availability for mission-critical voice and data services, compliant with EIRENE standards for emergency alerts.


  • Trusted:
    Our railway dedicated service teams have the experience to enable train operators to achieve long-term success, from analysis, consulting, design, integration, installation and training, to the maintenance and operation of entire networks.


Our GSM-R portfolio includes

  • RDN.core:
    Our RDN.core for railways is built on the 3GPP Release 4 architecture, which offers the highest levels of reliability and safety. Because it is an all-IP solution, railway operators can also adopt emerging network technologies simply and cost effectively. Our R4 core architecture was the first to be successfully deployed in the railway environment and is to this day the industry’s most proven solution, operating in 19+ countries worldwide. At the same time, our RDN.core train control system is future-proof and ready for the next generation.


  • RDN.transmission:
    The RDN.transmission solutions give operators advanced transport capabilities that cost-effectively support the full range of voice and data services. Our solutions are designed to support the migration from legacy SDH technologies to IP-based networks. They increase network capacity and performance.


  • RDN.terminals:
    Our portfolio of terminals offers native integration with your Kontron Transportation GSM-R infrastructure, giving operators guaranteed interoperability. Our terminals include handhelds and smartphones for operational and shunting purposes, zero-touch maintenance voice and data cab radios and dispatchers.


  • RDN.access:
    Our RDN.access portfolio incorporates the full range of access components train and rail operators need, including our next-generation ready RDN.base station. Thanks to its distributed architecture, it can replace up to six last-generation base stations, reducing hardware requirements by up to 80%. Our access equipment supports TDM and IP traffic and thus helps operators protect their existing infrastructure investments and embraces new technologies such as 4.5G and 5G when the time is right.


  • RDN.applications:
    Going beyond the applications required by GSM-R, Kontron Transportation supports a range of high-value railway applications for railway operation, from shunting and departure ready messaging to lone worker applications that help protect members of staff. The converged application server will ensure continuity of services between GSM-R and next generation networks. 


  • tools:
    To ensure that operator’s mission-critical networks are always available, we provide a range of management and monitoring tools that seamlessly integrate with our GSM-R portfolio and are running via private cloud infrastructure, distributing workloads across virtual machines.


    We offer railway operators the knowledge and skills required to plan, build, maintain and operate next-generation railway infrastructure that exceeds GSM-R standards. With years of experience deploying GSM-R, our service teams can take full responsibility for end-to-end projects.



Our success in action

  • About 40% global market share
  • 47 customers served in 26 countries
  • 84,000 track kilometers equipped with Kontron Transportation solutions
  • 17 ETCS level 2 projects
  • 12 high-speed lines