Public Transport Solutions

Kontron Transportation supports their public transport customers in deploying the most optimal solutions for their specific needs. In short, we help customers maximize revenue by providing reliable solutions at acceptable prices and ensure flexible and fast implementation.

Kontron Public Transportation is an ISO certified company.

Kontron Public Transportation has the E6 mark Conformity of production certificate.


We integrate innovative technologies, advanced analytics and end-user-focused solutions to deliver:
  • faster and safer experiences for passengers
  • streamlined and lower-cost operations for transportation agencies and authorities
Benefits of the solution

Increased ridership and revenue

  • Improved passenger experience and traveler convenience
  • Increased access to public transport for passengers
  • Safer transactions

Streamlined processes and lower costs

  • Better operational efficiency
  • Reduced boarding time
  • Reduced operating costs of fare collection
  • Ease of maintenance

With our uniquely integrated system of hard- and software, we offer maximum assistance to the customers in their complex work.

Hardware solutions

In a nutshell

Kontron Transportation has great expertise in offering fit-for-purpose ticketing hardware.  The hardware is fully integrated with our ticketing software platform. 

The hardware portfolio ranges from validators for specific environments, such as in-vehicle or station environments, to communication gateways, driver and passenger displays, as well as automatic vending machines and other equipment.


>> Tech Specs Driver Bus Console

>> Tech Specs Driver 10.4 Inch Rail Display

>> Tech Specs Automatic Vending Machine

>> Tech Specs Passenger Information System


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One of the public transportation flagship products is the rugged and compact contactless vehicle validator, which delivers an industry leading validation experience for our customers’ passengers.

With its powerful processor, the Kontron validator offers excellent transaction processing performance, maximizes passenger throughput and minimizes waiting times. It provides clear feedback and instructions to passengers. The device accepts various kinds of contactless media and barcodes. 

The design incorporates an industrial grade validation device with a focus on ergonomics and durability. The validation unit is user-friendly, housed in an attractive, compact, impact resistant, polycarbonate, plastic case (IP54). A simple mounting kit makes it fast and easy to install validators in vehicles. Removal and swap out of validators can be performed in seconds.

The validator functions as a stand-alone device or can be integrated with other intelligent transportation systems.

This validator is manufactured to Kontron’s own design specifications. It comes in three versions: high-end, mid-range and economy.


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Secure OS/over the air updates and device monitoring are an essential part of our solution as well.  The over the air device software update feature enables to schedule application updates in the system. It is carried out over the air when the buses are not in operation. The device monitoring module monitors the status of the various system components in real time using online connections, and uses an flexible notification system for alerts. It also offers an excellent reporting, statistics & data visualization sub-system.

Software solution

We believe that the electronic fare collection should be customer friendly, easy to implement and easy to run. That is why Kontron offers an inclusive and robust Account Based Fare Collection solution. It is cloud-hosted and offers a wide range of features and sales channels, for the benefit of the public transport operator and the satisfaction of its customers. Our portfolio includes mobile ticketing, a convenient and user-friendly solution on smartphones which encourages more people to use public transport. The system is scalable in terms of size - based on the “off-the-shelf” ABT platform. Enables various 3rd party integrations (e.g. with ITCS systems, ERP) and deployment of a hardware solution of choice.  It encompasses a powerful reporting and an intuitive customer support application.


Kontron enables customers to move to an open and modern ticketing platform, while allowing the continued use of a variety of media (contactless cards, barcode tickets, etc.). Our solutions allow passengers to step out of traditional payment lines to smooth and accelerate their travel experience and meet their lifestyle needs.





  • Customer Mobile Application
  • Customer Website
  • Smart Card, Bank Card, Smart Token
  • Paper Ticket






  • Vehicle Equipment
  • Customer Support Tool
  • Inspection solution
  • Point of Sale






Back Office

  • Fare Management
  • Reports and Dashboards
  • Third Party Integrations API's
  • Business to Business



Kontron offers a ready to deploy fare management module, adaptable to local needs and specific requirements. The solution supports different fare product types, fare types and fare policies and structures. The Fare Management module allows the customers to smoothly introduce and retire products, easily change fare features and quickly adapt sales conditions to new circumstances.

Success stories

Kontron Transportation has over 40 years of experience in the provision of end-to-end solutions for public transportation with projects all over the world. We are one of the pioneers within the domain of fare collection systems, having successfully delivered projects in Argentina, Brazil, Belgium, Croatia, the Netherlands, Romania, South Africa, Sweden, Tunisia and the United States.

Our employees have many years of experience in the transit industry and are fully qualified and capable of partnering with governments, municipalities, public transport authorities and operators to deliver a top of the line systems. We take pride in our ability to work with our customers to uncover their short term and long term goals and provide solutions to meet those goals.


De Lijn is an autonomous governmental company that is responsible for the public transport in the Flemish region in Belgium. De Lijn transports on a yearly basis approximately 550 million passengers and employs over 8000 people.

The overall desire of De Lijn was to have an open system that would make them less dependent on proprietary solutions. We delivered a fully integrated ReTiBo (Registration, Ticketing, Board computer) system, based on dual-interface Calypso smartcards and contactless smart tickets (MoBIB), combining ticketing and ITCS equipment and numerous integrations with 3rd party systems.

The implementation of the project met the above requirements. Kontron installed the fare collection and ITCS equipment on the De Lin’s entire fleet (about 4,200 buses and 370 trams).


The Netherlands is a country with a complex state of the art public transport ticketing system model combined with Intermodal Transport Control System (ITCS). There are different concessions operated by several private transport operators, all interoperable and transparent to ease passengers‘ travel experience. In this framework, Kontron delivers a fare collection solution for buses based on contactless smart cards (as per applicable standards in the Netherlands) and acceptance of barcode tickets. In addition we also ensure the delivery of a ITCS solution that integrates with 3rd party systems allowing for the distribution of real-time passenger information.  The ITCS solution itself is also integrated with the fare collection system on board.

Kontron Public Transportation validators installed at the customers in the Netherlands have the EMV Level 3 Visa Mastercard certification.  The EMV solution is currently in use  - it went live in June 2022, meaning that the passengers can use their bank cards (VISA, Maestro & Mastercard) as travel media, by tapping them on the validator, while using bus public transport in the Netherlands, for operators supplied with the Kontron ticketing system.


The project at MARTA included the delivery of a mobile ticketing system. The scope of the project includes a unique ticketing system which is installed on fixed route buses and light rail stations. In the scope of the system, a mobile ticketing application, customer service web portal, and back office systems were developed and deployed. The system supports a mobile ticketing system through the use of smart devices based on MARTA’s current card data structure. The system supports MARTA as well as it’s Georgia regional partners and integrates different payment subsystems.  In the scope of the project, in addition to mobile, Kontron also delivered the online customer portal for account management and customer outreach and a customer support tool.