Next-Gen Dispatch Management Solutions

Kontron Transportation and Telematix jointly develop next-generation dispatcher for better efficiency, productivity and real-time tracking.

The Kontron Next-Gen Dispatcher is an integrated, compact and flexible terminal solution for voice, data and video communications. It combines point-to-point, group and broadcast call functions with message-based communication delivery, such as chat with data transfer, SMS, SDS and emergency alarm. With the Kontron Next-Gen Dispatch tool everything is controlled and managed in an all-in-one terminal which leads to better customer satisfaction, easier management of your subscriber tracking and much more.


All communication is role-based. The support of the so-called "Roaming user" profiles and dynamic role management allow roles to be dynamically taken on different devices, whereby the customer always uses his own defined functions and settings based on his profile. In the case of a dynamic parallel takeover of a role from another device, the call queue, call journal and messages (including templates and emergency alarms) are also loaded in parallel and real-time.

Several roles can be accepted simultaneously on one device. 


With Kontron Next-Gen Dispatch System, you can respond to operation and personnel changes in organizations immediately by customizing the customer interface quickly and easily in real-time. These changes can be made in a user, role or group configuration via a web-based graphical editor. The editor runs as a central system network service and can be operated by the customer himself. The delivery of the modified configuration and adapted user interface is distributed and managed on the terminals in a time-controlled manner and it has no impact at all on the running operations. 


Various audio modules are available for the dispatcher in order to take space and functional requirements into account.

Depending on whether there is a need for additional loudspeaker, gooseneck microphone, dialing keys or display, the appropriate type of audio module can be used. All devices are designed for high quality voice transmission with HD voice. In addition, if desired, standard COTS audio devices can be connected to all types of terminals.

Telephone directories

In order to enable flexible operation with subscriber directories, user and role-specific directories can be created in addition to the central company-wide directories.

The view of the role-specific directory depends on the roles currently taken on at this dispatch software and the view is dynamically adapting to the taken and left roles.


The Kontron Next-Gen dispatch management tool features a dynamic and easy-to-use overlay or tracking map, that displays the current real-time location and operational status of all localized subscribers as well as the desired resources and assets in the area of responsibility.

Furthermore, a geo-based dynamic group formation and subsequent initiation of voice, messaging and video communication is enabled.

This can significantly shorten the dialing process for the customer. Conference calls, group calls and collective calls can be started either with a predefined group of participants, dynamically with the help of intelligent dialing wizards or "ad hoc" by a geographic selection of the trains and participants in the GIS (on a map).


FRMCS REC alerting allows the customer to take control of alerting areas.
Alerts such as REC are distributed intelligently only to affected vehicles and participants in alert areas.
The Kontron Next-Gen dispatch terminal supports alerting areas that can be defined and managed for any desired geographical level and shape.


Hierarchical call processing enables sequential distribution of incoming calls over several levels to groups, roles and devices according to individually configured and automated rules. This flexible call processing and distribution depend on the workload. It ensures availability of the Dispatch Management even in the event of high workloads or technical failures. The responsible shift supervisor can also manually influence the processing and distribution of incoming calls to his team, depending on the operational situation. 


The Kontron Next-Gen Service Dispatch Software is based on a future-proof MCX server/client architecture according to the 3GPP standard, which is an FRMCS enabling technology.
The MCX implementation is built on an IMS-based SIP core, a dispatch application server and a convergent rail application server with MCX and GSM-R functionality. This enables seamless interconnection and interworking between GSM-R and FRMCS.

Thanks to this architecture, existing Kontron GSM-R R4 networks with fixed and mobile GSM-R subscribers can be converted into GSM-R, MCX, FRMCS networks.
FRMCS terminals, such as Next-Gen dispatch solutions can be used alongside GSM-R terminals, such as fixed GeFos. Thus, with our dispatch solution, migration possibility and investment security is given.


The Kontron Next-Gen terminal portfolio like the Next-Gen Dispatch Manager or the Next-Gen Mobile Android app are built on an interoperable MCX client framework. The framework is licensable and enables the creation of custom value-added applications, even without prior MCX/FRMCS knowledge.


To meet the mission-critical requirements of a next-generation environment, Kontron Transportation actively participates in MCX standards, ETSI 3GPP and the ETSI 3GPP MCX PlugTests initiative. In this way we participate in the validation of the 3GPP standards, with the goal of creating a single, interoperable and global standard for Kontron Dispatch Management.

To confirm conformance, the independent inspection body RINA (a Notified Body of the EU), which is accredited for ISO / IEC 17020, has certified the MCX solution as compliant with the relevant ETSI TS 103 564 "PlugTest Scenarios for mission critical services" in relation to 3GPP standards assessed and demonstrated.

This is how the dispatch management solution optimizes operational processes and increases efficiency. Contact our customer service for more information and individual consultation on the Kontron Next-Gen Dispatch Manager Terminal.

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Next-Gen Dispatcher Solutions Brochure

Next-Gen Dispatcher Solutions Brochure

Kontron's Next-Gen Dispatcher is a future-proof, standards-based dispatching solution for existing and future rail networks. It supports individual, user-tailored applications ...