Kontron susietec Toolset – Digitalization made easy

We understand digital transformation as a holistic approach. With the kontron susietec toolset, we support companies that recognize the potential of IoT/IIoT and digitalization: The combination of software, hardware and expertise enables functional and smart solutions for equipment manufacturers, suppliers and producers. In this way, it is possible to implement changes in a targeted and effective way - with the result of driving digitalization forward in a sustainable direction.

The tools from susietec are based on coordinated solutions consisting of software, hardware and expertise. Kontron's hardware solutions can be deployed within the framework of embedded computer technology (ECT) for various types of applications and use cases.

For example, the combination of our smart software products in conjunction with IoT/IIoT solutions enable the construction and further development of smarter machines. By jointly developing new digital business models, we create sustainable service and after-sales models and provide you with tools to increase customer loyalty.  
With our expertise, we support machine builders and factory owners to take full advantage of the different product options: By bringing together hardware and software in a targeted effort and providing comprehensive advice, we guarantee the right solutions for your individual objectives.





KontronGrid – The complete fleet management solution for edge devices

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EquipmentCloud® – The digital transformation solution for service and after-sales in mechanical engineering

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Your Software Solution for System Control

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FabEagle® Monitoring

FabEagle®Monitoring – Factory-wide shopfloor management for more transparency in production

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FabEagle®LC – Scalable line controller for production control and traceability

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Configurable and reliable interfaces such as OPC UA, REST, or TCP/IP for your machines and IoT applications

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Openess, flexibility and easy integration

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