KontronGrid – The complete fleet management solution for edge devices

KontronGrid is our complete fleet management solution for edge devices, allowing you to securely manage and monitor thousands of devices worldwide with just a few clicks.

KontronGrid transforms the management of your edge device fleets. Our complete solution enables global monitoring and management of thousands of devices. With our bundle of software, the KontronOS operating system and specific hardware, we offer you seamless integration, supported by cyclical security and system updates. We are committed to security and are ISO27001 certified, which reduces your evaluation effort. Our customer-friendly portal allows for easy branding and customizable user rights. Out-of-the-box deployment with no hidden costs, flexible application management and secure remote access for efficient troubleshooting are all supported by KontronGrid.


  • Complete software and hardware solution
    • Aligned compatibility
    • Accelerated integration into your IoT solution at lower cost
  • Highest security standards
    • ISO27001 certification at Kontron AIS enterprise level
    • Reduced IE62443 certification effort
  • Get started right away
    • No hidden setup costs and fast onboarding
    • Reduced complexity
  • Efficiently manage and update your edge devices
    • With just a few clicks and without much manual effort
    • Increased productivity for development teams
  • Integrated customer portal
    • Personalized user experience with individual branding and customizable user rights

Range of functions

  • Device management
    • Monitor the health of IoT devices
    • Manage all devices globally in a cloud-based environment for edge devices
    • Easy onboarding process for IoT devices Sicheres Betriebssystem KontronOS
  • Secure KontronOS operating system
    • KontronOS operating system for x86 or ARM, based on Yocto Linux®
    • Two redundant OS partitions, highest uptime
    • Secure management interface for updates and provisioning
    • Can be updated on short notice in case of "critical" vulnerabilities
    • Protection against compromise, external access and uncontrolled updates
  • Container Management
    • Manage Docker containers remotely ((re)start, stop)
    • Deploy Docker containers with templates for mass rollout to device fleets in the field
    • Native support for image sets and multi-container applications using Docker Compose
    • Script-based configuration updates via remote files
  • Remoting
    • Centralized management of desktop and remote access such as RDP & SSH access
    • Establish secure remote connections
  • VPN Service
    • Establish a direct "tunnel" connection between networks
    • Manage, monitor and log VPN connections
    • Parallel access by multiple experts to a device and connected IoT solution (machine)

Possible uses

  • Global monitoring: Easily manage, monitor, and operate your fleet of devices.
  • Roll out updates: Container-based applications can be updated without manual effort using configurable image templates in KontronGrid. Upgrade scenarios can be remotely tested and rolled out to globally distributed edge devices.
  • Remote support: Establish a temporary VPN connection up to the control level to provide fast and efficient support in the event of a service call.
  • Secure Operating System: Protect your x86 or ARM devices from "critical" vulnerabilities with a Yocto Linux-based KontronOS operating system.

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Standard IoT Stac
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FactSheet KontronGrid
[ kontron_ais_factsheet_kontrongrid_de_2024-06.pdf, 1.38 MB, Jun.05.2024 ]


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