Openess, flexibility and easy integration

The biggest opportunity for service transformation in manufacturing comes from a product/service standpoint. 

The link between end-user products/assets and real-time IoT data is an opportunity for manufacturers to better understand their customers behaviours and what they value, in order to deliver customized service offerings.

Our susietec Workforce is a platform incorporating proprietary technologies aligned with industry-wide standards. 

susietec Workforce is designed to foster openness, flexibility and ability to be easily integrated and completely plugged into existing systems and business environments  -  configured to meet all customer needs.

Start Your Digital Service Transformation Journey

  • Configuration of service work processes is key for the adaption to customer demands
  • Multi-device support including phones, tablets, laptops, wearables
  • Easy configurable multi-device support enabling working with subcontractors
  • Mobile support possibility with off-line capability
IoT and Data
  • Connectivity possible to several information sources
  • Able to access data from different services via configurable connectors
  • Data should be presented visually, enable users to populate real-time dynamic dashboards
  • Support automated decisions using logic based on business insights with required flexibility
Generation gap
  • Remote support to share and transfer knowledge between senior and junior technicians will increase the learning curve of field workers
  • Increase efficiency and support collaboration between the teams  
Integration into existing OT & IT-Infrastructure
  • Big variety of sensors, connectors and gateways providing huge volumes of different data types
  • Real Time Status information from devices in the field requires remote management
  • Early detection of potential technical problems in the assets enabling predictive maintenance
  • Various Interfaces towards existing IT infrastructure – automated import of basic data and export of operational data 




Workforce Factsheet
[ flyer_susietecworkforce_en_upd0521.pdf, 1.34 MB, Oct.01.2021 ]


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