FabEagle® Monitoring

FabEagle®Monitoring – Factory-wide shopfloor management for more transparency in production

Monitoring system with machine and process data acquisition (MDA/PDA) for factory visualization

FabEagle®Monitoring is the comprehensive shop floor management and monitoring solution, including machine and production data acquisition (MDA/PDA) for factory visualization. By monitoring and visualizing machine states, quantities, alarms and maintenance in configurable dashboards and reports, you can keep track of your production performance and maintenance state and quickly respond to changes.

  • Machine and production data collection (MDA/PDA)
    • Automatic calculation and visualization of production KPIs simplifies evaluation
    • Reduce response time with visualization in personal dashboard
    • Optimal analysis by comparing machine types or entire production areas
  • Shopfloor management
    • Objective comparison of target figures and KPI calculation improves team communication
    • Clear information management increases efficiency
    • Search functionality for best practice information reduces maintenance time
  • Maintenance management
    • Automatic maintenance scheduling reduces downtime and disruptions
    • Digital workflows and checklists simplify documentation
    • Visualization of machine alarms and malfunctions reduces response time
  • Standard modules
    • Dashboard – Personalized visualization of all data
    • Monitoring – KPI calculation and evaluation
    • EquipmentHub – Machines and equipment master data
  • Add-on modules
    • OpenIssues – Ticket system between operator and maintenance team
    • KnowledgeBase – Best practice archive
    • Maintenance – Maintenance calendar and planner
    • Workflows – Digital checklists and protocols
    • eDocs – Digital document management for specifications and instructions
    • SoftwareCenter – Version management for machine software


  • With machine and process data acquisition (MDA/PDA) on the shop floor, you can optimize processes from digital data acquisition to analysis.
  • With digital maintenance planning and best practice documentation, you can provide your maintenance teams with all the information they need in one system.
  • The shop floor management system for team leaders simplifies planning, presentation and communication across the department.


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FabEagle® Monitoring Datasheet
[ kontron_ais_factsheet_fabeagle_monitoring_en_2024-05_web.pdf, 1.38 MB, Jun.03.2024 ]


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