Broadband Solutions

Meeting Your Needs for Broadband Access

We pride ourselves with the ability to meet customer objectives and budgets with customised broadband solutions. Big enough to run large-scale projects but small enough to care about the details, we deliver what we promise on time.

Kontron’s Iskratel broadband solutions address all sides of the equation. Iskratel Lumia OLTs are applicable to any service-delivery or business model, and equip forward-looking operators with prolonged lifecycle and the lowest five-year TCO. The Iskratel Innbox CPE family delivers multi-gigabit connectivity in single- or multi-operator environments, and reduces overall operator OPEX.

Our state-of-the-art professional services can be adapted to specific business models and requirements. In addition to expert services such as customisation, integration or support, we assist with providing project funding as well.


Broadband Solutions

Fibre-Based Broadband

Kontron delivers the ultimate FTTH solutions for next-gen optical access, such as GPON, XGS-PON and point-to-point FTTH.

Software-Defined Broadband

Software-defined access (SDA) lets operators turn a dumb-pipe network into a value-added network, control the investment cycle, and build a sustainable business model with refreshed, revenue-generating offerings.

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