Committed to People, Our Environment and the Community


Environmental Management History 

  • Kontron is committed to minimize how our operations can negatively affect the environment, comply with applicable laws, regulations, and other environmentally oriented requirements, and to continually improve in the above.
  • Main production facilities of Kontron in Europe as well as Kontron’s key contract manufacturers are certified according ISO 14001 which includes outsourced processes. Corporate Guidelines define responsibilities and control points across the entire Kontron Group.


Environmental Policy

Kontron Management is aware of our responsibility toward the environment and aims to implement effective solutions to save natural resources,  protect the environment, employees and end users of   Kontron’s products, while taking into consideration the demands of our suppliers. Kontron management defines the organization's environmental policy and ensures that, within the defined scope of its environmental management system,

Kontron will strive to meet its environmental commitment by: 

  • Considering our environmental impacts at the Kontron locations;
  • Ensuring compliance with local and national legal requirements at the Kontron locations;
  • Communicating and working constructively internally and externally;
  • Educating, training and motivating Kontron employees for environmental behavior;
  • and Monitoring, auditing and reviewing our environmental performance.


Environmental Control

An Environmental Manager with central responsibility and Environmental Management responsible at each certified location for environmental issues are nominated

Acting for:

  • Controlling and identification of relevant changes related to environmental and legal requirements of the country of operation
  • Recording of hazardous substances used at Kontron and definition of rules for controlled identification, storage and handling
  • Continual improvement of environmental management system
  • Definition of preventive actions and precautions shall minimize occurrence and impact of potential environmental accidents
  • Internal audits and self-assessments provide transparency on environmental performance and weaknesses
  • Environmental compliance is a mandatory criteria during audit, assessment and selection of our suppliers

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