Kontron SOMs: Systems-on-Modules

CPU-SOMs combine microprocessor, flash and RAM as well as power supply on a compact printed circuit board.
The rich peripheral interfaces are connected to contact pads on the edge and underside of the module.
The modules are soldered onto corresponding carrier boards so that no additional connectors are needed.
They thus represent a powerful solution block for creating individual applications.

  • Creating embedded solutions for industrial and medical applications
  • Scalable building blocks
  • Complete ready to run CPU modules with Linux support
  • Minimized design risk and short time to market
  • Constructed to withstand harsh industrial environments

SOM-SL i.MX8M Mini New

Quad Core with 1.6 GHz, eMMC and DDR4 Memory on just 30mm x 30mm

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Triple Core Module for Graphics, Communication and Realtime Applications in Automation and Control

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Computing power, communication and graphics on 25 mm x 25 mm, complex application processor as easy to use as a microcontroller

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