Single Board Computer

Kontron offers a broad range of high quality longevity Single Board Computers in the formfactors of 2,5” (pITX) and 3,5”. This variety of SBC’s serves the different needs of our customers in almost all applications. These motherboards are based on newest processors and chipset platforms, and utilize advanced technology components.

The longevity Single Board Computers follow international industry size standards with well-defined mounting holes and standard I/O bracket areas. In addition, Kontron offers many value-added services like detailed documentation, display support and complete life-cycle management. Our Atom-based Single Board Computer offer up to 7 years product availability from the release date, based on embedded key components. In applications where permanence and risk avoidance must be optimized, Kontron's experience in a variety of markets leads customers to the solution that meets their critical programming and cost objectives.

The modules of the Board-Line are compact ARM-based CPU boards, which are equipped with either a microprocessor or a SoM module as the computing core. The modules are based on proven components, are optimized in every respect, offer an optimal price/performance ratio and reduce development and product costs.


Single Board Computer


3.5″ Single Board Computer (SBC) is a kind of small embedded board compliant with Embedded Compact Extended (ECX) form factor developed by Intel.

3.5"-SBC-R39 Coming soon

3.5" Single Board Computer with ARM® Cortex®-A72 + Cortex®-A53 based Processor, Rockchip RK3399(K)

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3.5" Single Board Computer with 8th Generation Intel® Core™ U-Series Processors

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3.5"-SBC-APL V2.0

3.5” Single Board Computer with Intel® Atom® E3900 Series & Pentium® / Celeron® N- / J-Series Processors

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2.5″ Pico-ITX is a small SBC (Single Board Computer) form factor with the size of 100 mm x 72 mm.


Embedded pITX-Motherboard with NXP’s dual core or quad core processors based on the Arm Cortex A53 architecture

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Embedded pITX Single Board Computer with Intel® ATOM E39xx Series and Celeron N3350® CPU's

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