S1901 platform for harsh environments

Rugged Edge, high-performance multi-connectivity open platform

The S1901 platform is a rugged, conduction-cooled, system that tightly integrates a server-grade Intel Xeon processor, high-capacity memory, GPU, and NVMe storage in a power-efficient system. With a wide range of flexible I/O, bus architecture interfaces and modularity for add-on cards, the S1901 system is the platform of choice for deploying into harsh environments where security, reliability and safety are critical. It also includes an optimized network operating system incorporating a managed Ethernet switch, 1/2.5/10GbE external connections, GNSS and PTP support, which is critical for synchronizing external timing-sensitive devices used for edge AI and autonomous systems. 

The S1901 is designed for a wide range of markets and applications with modularity that can be tailored to a specific use case from different connector interfaces, specialized I/O, or specialized hardware. These markets include mining, heavy equipment, agriculture, oil & gas, emergency services, defense, maritime, government, remote infrastructure, avionics and in-vehicle. The platform is uniquely positioned for the rapidly expanding edge AI market and autonomous systems by providing a single ruggedized platform with all the required features and performance that can be deployed into harsh environments with high reliability. 


  • Server-grade processing with integrated GPU/accelerator, Switch & PTP
  • Multi-OS support, hosted platform/middleware, remote management
  • Highly ruggedized: IP67, MIL-STD, Wide Temperature range, fanless, wide input power
  • Market-specific features: CANbus, Gyro, GPS, I/O
  • Connectivity options: 10/1GbE, cellular, Wi-Fi, and others
  • Modular, flexible and adaptable (Front I/O & module configurable options)



Rugged High Performance Mission Computing Platform

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