FabEagle®LC – Scalable line controller for production control and traceability

The line controller for data acquisition and traceability from individual machines to a connected production line

FabEagle®LC (Line Controller) is our scalable production control system that you can use for single production machines up to a fully connected production line. The production control and traceability solution offer Manufacturing Execution System (MES) functionality, but with high scalability and short project lead times.

  • Process-oriented line control for total process control
    • Ensure process stability with software-driven process sequences
    • Digital bill of materials, recipes and order management optimize on-time delivery and production processes
    • Automatic specification of recipe parameters to production machines simplifies line management
  • Real-time data and reporting for greater transparency
    • Improve quality management with reporting and analysis capabilities
    • Reduce response time by visualizing alarms and trends
    • Reduce operator workload with automated documentation and data acquisition
  • Reliably track material and product data
    • Track material batches to prove product safety
    • Data archiving for quality verification of manufactured products
    • Complete material and product data provides important insight into the influence of processes and parameters


  • Visualization and evaluation
    • Line visualization – Dashboard for machine states, alarms und orders
    • Alarm statistics – Analysis of malfunctions
    • Reporting – Automatic calculation and visualization of KPIs
    • Online process visualization – Real-time process data
    • Work plan management – Guidance and data acquisition for manual work steps
  • Management and control
    • Line control – Transport and process control
    • Order management – Interface to ERP or manual order initiation
    • Work plan management – Configuration of work steps
    • Recipe management – Centralized management of product and process parameters
    • User management – Rights and user groups
  • Data acquisition and delivery
    • Material tracking – Batch traceability
    • Machine and production data collection – Automatic data acquisition
    • Process data acquisition – Collect and archive data for each process step
    • Archiving – Memory-optimized data storage



  • As an efficient line control system in the automotive industry for complete process and material tracking.
  • As a process-oriented line control system in electronics assembly for minimum cycle times with a high number of variants.
  • A GMP-compliant line control system for quality assurance and traceability in the pharmaceutical and medical device industries.


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Use Cases

FabEagle®LC – Line control and data acquisition
Line controller for assembly and testing of complex electronic components
[ kontron_ais_success_story_fabeaglelc_electronics_production_en.pdf, 328.62 KB, Apr.25.2024 ]

FabEagle®LC – GMP-compliant line control
Line controller for paperless production of pharmaceutical primary packaging
[ kontron_ais_success_story_paperless_manufacturing_en.pdf, 411.99 KB, Apr.25.2024 ]

FabEagle®LC – Line control and data acquisition
Line controller for the production of combustion engines at Textron Motors
[ kontron_ais_success_story_textron_en.pdf, 196.54 KB, Apr.25.2024 ]


FabEagle®LC Factsheet
[ kontron_ais_factsheet_fabeagle_lc_en_2024-05_web.pdf, 1.19 MB, Jun.03.2024 ]


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