3.5"-SBC-TGL New

3.5" Single Board Computer with 11th Gen Intel® Core™ U-Series & Celeron® 6000 Series Processors
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  • 2x DP, 1x LVDS for video output
  • 1x 2.5 GbE LAN, 1x GbE LAN for Ethernet
  • 4x USB 3.2 Gen 2, 4x USB 2.0, 2x RS232/422/485, 8x DIO for peripheral connection
  • 1x SATA 3.0, 1x M.2 Key B, 1x M.2 Key E, 1x M.2 Key M for storage & expansion
  • 1x B2B Connector for extended I/Os: DDI, DDP, PCIe x2, PCIe x1, SM Bus, I2C, UART, GSPI
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Dramatic Leap in Graphics Performance

Ideal for AI / Deep Learning Applications

3.5"-SBC-TGL is a 3.5″ single board computer powered by 11th Generation Intel® Core™ U-Series and Celeron® 6000 Series processors (codenamed Tiger Lake UP3) integrated with Intel’s next-generation Iris® Xe Graphics. It delivers massive improvements in processing, graphics and AI performance, ideal for AI, deep learning and similar applications that demand high-speed processing, computer vision and low-latency deterministic computing.

8K Ultra HD Video Outputs

The board supports up to two 8K video streams at 60 fps. Via the extended B2B connector, it can support four channels of DP signal outputs to drive four independent displays running 4K video at 60 fps and thus it can be integrated into a 2 x 2 or 4 x 1 video wall system.

Optimized Bandwidth Utilization

In addition to a GbE LAN port, the 3.5"-SBC-TGL offers another 2.5 GbE LAN port to satisfy the growing bandwidth-intensive needs, enabling faster networking, smoother multimedia playback, web-/cloud-based services and daily usage.

Flexibility In System Design & Performance

In addition, the board supports configurable TDP done via BIOS settings, which provides flexibility to integrators to design a system according to the cooling techniques they use and the application scenarios they target.

Harsh Environment Applications Possible

The 3.5"-SBC-TGL offers variants with industrial-grade operating temperature range from -40 °C to 85 °C, allowing integrators to develop a robust system installed in an extreme-temperature environment.


Processor Intel® Core™ i7-1185G7E / Intel® Core™ i7-1185GRE
(Quad Core, 12M Cache, 1.8 / 4.4 GHz, FCBGA1449, 12 W ← 15 W → 28 W TDP)
Intel® Core™ i5-1145G7E / Intel® Core™ i7-1145GRE
(Quad Core, 8M Cache, 1.5 / 4.1 GHz, FCBGA1449, 12 W ← 15 W → 28 W TDP)
Intel® Core™ i3-1115G4E
(Dual Core, 6M Cache, 2.2 / 3.9 GHz, FCBGA1449, 12 W ← 15 W → 28 W TDP)
Intel® Celeron® 6305E
(Dual Core, 4M Cache, 1.8 GHz, FCBGA1449, 15 W TDP)
Main Memory 2x DDR4 3200 SO-DIMM up to 64 GByte
Graphics Controller Intel® Iris® Xe Graphics (Core™ i7 / i5)
Intel® UHD Graphics (Core™ i3 / Celeron®)
Display 1x LVDS (24-bit, 2-ch, 1920 x 1200 @ 60 Hz)
2x DP (7680 x 4320 @ 60 Hz, on rear)*
(* 2x 8K support for Core™ i7 / i5, 1x 8K support for Core™ i3 / Celeron®)
Quadruple Display (more display I/Os supported via extended B2B connector)
Audio Controller TSI 92HD73C
Audio 2x Speaker-out (Right & Left, 3 W)
1x Line-in (by header)
1x Line-out (by header)
1x Mic-in (by header)
Ethernet 1x 2.5 GbE LAN (RJ45 on rear, Intel® I225-LM/IT)
1x GbE LAN (RJ45 on rear, Intel® I210-AT/IT)
USB 4x USB 3.2 Gen 2 (Type A on rear)
4x USB 2.0 (by header)
Serial 2x RS232/422/485 (by header)
Available I/Os 8x DIO (by header)
SATA 1x SATA 3.0
Expansion 1x M.2 Key B (Type 2242 / 3042 / 2280, w/ PCIe x1 / USB 2.0 / SATA 3.0)
1x M.2 Key M (Type 2280, w/ PCIe x4)
1x M.2 Key E (Type 2230, w/ PCIe x1 / USB 2.0, Intel® CNVi support)
1x SIM Card Holder (Micro type, connected to M.2 Key B)
Special Features 1x Extended B2B Connector, supporting
- 2x DDI (1x eDP / DP support, 1x DP support)
- 1x PCIe x2
- 1x PCIe x1
- 1x SM Bus
- 1x I2C
- 1x UART
- 1x GSPI
Input Voltage DC 12 V
Power connector 1x4-pin pitch 3.0 mm Wafer
BIOS AMI uEFI BIOS w/ 256 Mb SPI Flash
Watchdog Programmable WDT to generate system reset event
System Monitoring Voltages
Real Time Clock Processor integrated RTC
Management vPro support (Core™ i7 / i5)
Security TPM 2.0 Support (Infineon SLB 9670)
Cooling 1x Wafer for Smart Fan
Operating System Windows 10
Mechanical Dimensions ECX (146 mm x 105 mm / 5.75" x 4.13")
Operating Temperature 0 °C ~ 60 °C / 32 °F ~ 140 °F (Standard)
-20 °C~ 70 °C / -4 °F ~ 158 °F (Extended)
-40 °C ~ 85 °C / -40 °F ~ 185 °F (Extreme)
Humidity 0 % ~ 95 %
Compliance CE Class B
FCC Class B



3.5"-SBC-TGL Datasheet
Revision 20221026, October 26, 2022
[ 3d5-sbc-tgl-single-board-computer-datasheet-20221026.pdf, 2.34 MB, Oct.26.2022 ]


3.5"-SBC-TGL User Guide
Revision 1.3, September 5, 2022
[ kontron-3d5-sbc-tgl-user-guide-rev-1d3-2022-09-05.pdf, 2.06 MB, Sep.05.2022 ]

General Safety Instruction
[ general-safety-instructions.pdf, 560.72 KB, Jan.04.2021 ]

Quick Reference Guide

3.5"-SBC-TGL Quick Installation Guide
Revision 1, May 19, 2022
[ kontron-3d5-sbc-tgl-qig-20220519.pdf, 869.46 KB, May.19.2022 ]

Tech Spec Sheet

Tech Specs SBC (Release Candidate) 
[ tech-specs_sbc.pdf, 5.02 MB, Jul.05.2022 ]


Kontron Services Brochure
[ kontron-services-brochure.pdf, 8.9 MB, Dec.17.2020 ]


3.5”-SBC-TGL-0-i5-1145G7E Order Code: 43017-0000-15-4

Intel® Core™ i5-1145G7E, B2B connector, vPro Bios, TDP 15W, Operating temperature: 0 °C ~ 60 °C.
3.5”-SBC-TGL-1-i3-1115G4E Order Code: 43017-0000-22-2

Intel® Core™ i3-1115G4E, B2B connector, vPro Bios, TDP 12W, Operating temperature: 0 °C ~ 60 °C
3.5”-SBC-TGL-2-i7-1185G7E Order Code: 43017-0000-18-4

Intel® Core™ i7-1185G7E, B2B connector, vPro Bios, TDP 15W, Operating temperature: 0 °C ~ 60 °C
3.5”-SBC-TGL-3-6305E Order Code: 43017-0000-18-2

Intel® Celeron® 6305E, B2B connector, TDP 15W, Operating temperature: 0 °C ~ 60 °C
3.5\ Order Code: 43017-0000-15-4wob

Intel® Core™ i5-1145G7E, without B2B connector, without vPro Bios, TDP 15W, Operating temperature: 0 °C ~ 60 °C
3.5\ Order Code: 43017-0000-22-2wob

Intel® Core™ i3-1115G4E, without B2B connector, without vPro Bios, TDP 12W, Operating temperature: 0 °C ~ 60 °C
3.5\ Order Code: 43017-0000-18-4wob

Intel® Core™ i7-1185G7E, without B2B connector, without vPro Bios, TDP 15W, Operating temperature: 0 °C ~ 60 °C
3.5\ Order Code: 43017-0000-18-2wob

Intel® Celeron® 6305E, without B2B connector, withou vPro Bios, TDP 15W, Operating temperature: 0 °C ~ 60 °C


3.5" Extended I/O Board (3.5"-eIO-GPA-0)
3.5\ 2x DP, 2x 2.5 GbE LAN, 1x UART, 1x I2C, 1x SMBus, 1x GSPI, 1x DC In Terminal Block, Intel® I225-LM Ethernet Controller, Operating temperature: 0 °C ~ 60 °C more
3.5" Extended I/O Board (3.5"-eIO-GPA-1)
3.5\ 2x DP, 2x 2.5 GbE LAN, 1x UART, 1x I2C, 1x SMBus, 1x GSPI, Intel® I225-LM Ethernet Controller, Operating temperature: 0 °C ~ 60 °C more
Heatsink - Cooling Solution
Heatsink - Cooling Solution Heatsink with Fan, 15W tdp  
DC Jack Cable
DC Jack Cable 2.5 DC Jack with 2 mm Nut and 0.5 mm Washer to1x4P 3.0 pitch, L=300 mm  
COM_Port Cable
COM_Port Cable D-SUB 9P (male) to 1x10P 1.25 pitch, L=350 mm  
DIO Cable
DIO Cable D-SUB-9P(Female) to 1x10P 1.25 pitch, L=200mm  
2-Port USB 2.0 Cable
2-Port USB 2.0 Cable 2x5-pin pitch 2.0 mm to 2x USB Type A 4P Female w/ bracket, L = 270 mm  
SATA Power Cable
SATA Power Cable SATA Power Cable, SATA 1x15P Pitch:1.27mm to PH 2.0 HSG 1x4P 2.0pitch, L=460mm  
SATA Cable with Lock
SATA Cable with Lock SATA Cable with Lock, 1X7P (1.27 pitch), L=460 mm  
Audio Cable w/ 3x Phone Jack
Audio Cable w/ 3x Phone Jack HRS DF13-10DS-1.25C 1.25 pitch to PJ-2509CTPC-5-L (3.5 mm phone jack) x3, L = 400 mm  


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