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Team structure and working environment

Individuals who need help receive it.
People with ideas and inspiration are taken seriously.
Knowledge is shared, and feedback is passed on at all hierarchy levels throughout our company.

We place a strong emphasis on a helpful and considerate attitude towards colleagues, team spirit and mutual respect.

The well-being of our staff is important to us at Kontron, because a positive working environment and business success are closely interrelated.

We aim to make your career at our company as easy as possible through an atmosphere of trust. At Kontron, you will find a motivating working environment, and no end of open and helpful colleagues. Working at Kontron draws people together, since we treat each other with respect and appreciation.

A helpful and considerate attitude towards colleagues, and the friendly way in which we deal with each other, form the basis of long-term and successful cooperation. We know from experience that an attractive working climate promotes employee motivation. We aim to motivate each other to become even better. Team spirit is essential for this. Together with a committed and motivated team, we will be able to master all challenges, and jointly contribute to the company's success.

We are proud of our positive working atmosphere.

Nevertheless, it is our aim to constantly improve and further promote our employees' work satisfaction and motivation.


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