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Life balance

Family and profession – both are important, because both represent our future.
Our family is our life and our home.
Our profession represents the unfolding of our talents.

It must be possible to combine both.

We place great emphasis on ensuring a harmonious relationship between our employees' family and professional needs. Not only do our staff benefit from this, but also our company, because we know from experience that a better quality of life makes individuals more content and more willing to perform. Only people who can harmonize their working and private lives can be successful and motivated in both areas. Satisfied and motivated employees make a company more successful, which is why we also support our staff in finding their individual balance in this context.

As a modern company, we wish to offer our employees the greatest level of flexibility, individual structural options, and a high degree of freedom in order to achieve this balance. For us, flexibility means

  • Flexible working hour regulations
  • Supporting part-time employment contracts
  • A modern working organization (such as home office agreements)
  • Reducing working hours before and after maternity and paternity periods

Our employees should be able to structure their personal balance between work and leisure themselves, depending on their respective working situations and personal needs. For us, it isn't the place and time where work is performed that matters, but far more the result of work performed as a part of the whole.



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