6U VME Server-Class Blade Computer
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  • 2-Core 2.2 GHz Intel® Xeon® Processor D-1500 Product Family
  • Up to 32 GB DDR4 on-board soldered memory with ECC
  • Dual 1 Gb Ethernet, USB 3.0, HDMI, COM ports on front
  • Dual PMC/XMC, Dual M.2 and mPCIe sockets
  • Extended Life Cycle and Silicon Reliability

The VM6062 is a low power 2-Core/4-thread Intel® D1508 version of a pin compatible 6U VME SBC products range featuring a processor from the Server Class Intel® Xeon® Processor D-1500 family.

The VM6062 is a unique fully fledge I/O Blade Server PC as it features on the front panel HDMI, USB 3.0, COM and Dual Gigabit Ethernet ports aside the PMC/XMC slots.


Processor 2-Core/4-thread Intel® D1508
Member of the Server Class Intel® Xeon® Processor D-1500 family
3 MByte Cache
2.2 GHz Processor Base Frequency
2.6 GHz Maximum Turbo Frequency
Intel® Virtualization features VT-d, VT-x and AVX2
Watchdog PLD-based, timeout ranging from 2 μs to 510s, IRQ, Reset, dual-stage
Main Memory 8 GByte DDR4 dual channel memory with ECC
Expandable to 32 GByte
Flash 2x 16 MByte FLASH, with recovery image and uEFI BIOS settings



VM6062 Datasheet
[ vm6062-datasheet-05-2018.pdf, 6.52 MB, Oct.16.2018 ]

VME-VPX shortform catalog
[ shortform-vme-vpx.pdf, 4.09 MB, Jun.08.2022 ]


VM606x Users Guide [restrictions apply]
[ d206640-1-1_vm606x-ug.pdf, 16.22 MB, Apr.20.2023 ]

General Safety Instruction
[ general-safety-instructions.pdf, 560.72 KB, Jan.04.2021 ]

Use Cases

VM6062 6U VME SBC and its carrier board
[ uc_onepager_defense-vm6062.pdf, 2.6 MB, Apr.21.2023 ]


Kontron Modular Computers S.A.S. Service and Support Offering
This data sheet contains a detailed description of all the support and service offering from Kontron Modular Computers S.A.S, including the Long Term Supply (LTS) Services.
[ support-brochure-03-2018.pdf, 894.71 KB, Jun.28.2018 ]

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