Universal Cooling Solutions

Universal Cooling Solutions for COM Express®
  • Standardized cooling solution
  • Price-efficient cooling solution for low power CPUs
  • Simplify stock keeping and SKU administration
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The Uni Cooler is shipped with thermal grease and screws to mount the Uni Cooler onto the regular heatspreader. Heatspreader shall be ordered mating your selected COM Express® basic compact or mini module.


Solution Brief

Intel Solution Brief: Computer-on-Module Flexibility at the Edge
Kontron COM Express® and COM-HPC® modules with 13th Gen Intel® Core™ mobile processors deliver powerful performance, AI, and graphics with portfolio flexibility for industrial-grade deployments.
[ 18933-1-intel-rpl-p-kontron-solution-brief-v4.pdf, 1.67 MB, Mar.03.2023 ]


Datasheet Uni Cooler (Release Candidate) 
[ universalcoolingsolutions20170518_datasheet.pdf, 1.97 MB, Aug.31.2017 ]


General Safety Instruction
[ general-safety-instructions.pdf, 560.72 KB, Jan.04.2021 ]

Use Cases

Autonomous Driving
Read how our COM Express® Module is working perfect for application from b-plus with its flexibility, bandwith, reliability and the required graphics.
[ uc_b-plus_eu.pdf, 4.78 MB, May.26.2021 ]

COM Express® Basic for Autonomous Transportation in Rugged Environments
Implementing Kontron’s latest COMe® Basic based on Intel’s® 11th generation Xeon® processors and ECC memory provided the optimum power and performance
[ adas_en_use-case_kontron.pdf, 1.54 MB, Oct.11.2022 ]

The tough choice of Processors
Solving challenges in selecting computer boards & modules for IIoT projects. In this article we support you to make the right choice for your application: To find the best balance of processing power, graphics capabilities and connectivity on the one hand and size, power consumption, and cost on the other.
[ artikel_processor-choice_eu-1-.pdf, 4.42 MB, Apr.20.2023 ]


Kontron Services Brochure
[ kontron-services-brochure.pdf, 8.9 MB, Dec.17.2020 ]

More Downloads

All other downloads such as drivers, bios, drawings etc. are available on Kontron’s Customer Section


COMe Active Uni Cooler (w/o HSP)
COM Express® Universal Active Cooler for Heatspreader Mounting (87x78x14.3mm) (for CPU's <20W)  
COMe Passive Uni Cooler (w/o HSP)
COM Express® Universal Passive Cooler for Heatspreader Mounting (87x78x14.3mm) (for CPU's <10W)  
COMe mini Active Uni Cooler
COM Express® mini Universal Active Cooler for Heatspreader Mounting (for CPUs <10W)  
COMe mini Passive Uni Cooler
COM Express® mini Universal Passive Cooler for Heatspreader Mounting  
COMe mini Passive Uni Cooler Slim
COM Express® mini Universal Passive Cooler Slim-line for Heatspreader Mounting (for 3-5W CPUs)  
ETX Active Uni Cooler
ETX® Universal Active Cooler for ETX®-OH Heatspreader Mounting (5V FAN)  


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