EquipmentCloud® – The digital transformation solution for service and after-sales in mechanical engineering

EquipmentCloud® is our agile service and after-sales digital transformation solution for mid-sized engineering companies. It enables you to optimise your processes, consolidate information in one place and develop new data-based business models.

EquipmentCloud® digitalizes service and after-sales processes in the mechanical engineering.
By centralizing information and enabling data-driven business models, the solution
transforms service from a cost center to a profit center. With interactive modules,
EquipmentCloud® supports flexible digital service offerings, improves efficiency and
customer satisfaction, and promises future-proof business development. Within three
months, it enables efficient and secure data integration, customized lifecycle management
and practical use cases.


  • Up and running in three months
    • Guided onboarding process and tailored customer success management
    • Immediate deployment, no development capacity required
    • Establish your successful digital service offering
  • A digital transformation solution that adapts to your needs
    • Customizable dashboards for increased efficiency
    • Maximum flexibility through interactive modules
  • Data security at all levels
    • Security for your data-based services from device level to the cloud
    • Kontron AIS enterprise-level certification to ISO 27001:2017
    • End-to-end AES128 encryption of customer data
    • Member of the Alliance for Cyber Security
  • Communicate in your customers' local language
    • Machine, AI-based translation of static text into over 28 languages
    • Real-time translation at significantly lower cost
    • Minimize misunderstandings for effective customer communication in an international business environment
  • Recognizable customer experience
    • Customize the customer portal to your corporate identity using CSS styling

Range of Features

  • EquipmentHub: machine configuration and master data management
  • eDocs: Digital management of project, machine and system documents
  • OpenIssues: Open issues list and intelligent ticket system
  • Workflows: Milestone scheduling for complex workflows
  • Maintenance: Maintenance calendar with checklists
  • Monitoring: Intelligent monitoring and visualisation of machinery and equipment
  • SoftwareCentre: Software and version management
  • SpareParts/Pro: Digital spare parts catalogue with order tracking
  • KnowledgeBase: Knowledge base with user-centric solutions
  • DeviceManagement: monitoring and management of IoT devices
  • RemoteAssistance: Live video support

Fields of Applications

  • Customer portal as a central interface and collaboration platform for operators and machine manufacturers
  • Monitor and analyze the performance of your global machine fleet
  • Plan and execute complex and recurring commissioning processes
  • Plan, perform and document maintenance and service task
  • Manage and update your IoT device fleets worldwide

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Use Cases

Intuitive, Time-saving, Agile: Cloud-based Customer Portal EquipmentCloud® for Project Communication
EquipmentCloud® - Digital customer portal
[ kontron_ais_success_story_rampf_en.pdf, 430.46 KB, May.16.2024 ]

EquipmentCloud® for DB Netz AG
EquipmentCloud® - Datenbased services
[ kontron_ais_success_story_db_netz_ag_seddin_en.pdf, 953.64 KB, May.16.2024 ]

Digital Transformation Solution EquipmentCloud® Speeds up Commissioning
EquipmentCloud® - Machine Life Cycle
[ kontron_ais_success_story_fabmatics_en.pdf, 518.05 KB, May.16.2024 ]

Proactive Machine Service with the EquipmentCloud® Mobile App
EquipmentCloud® - Proactive service and after-sales
[ kontron_ais_success_story_innolas_solutions_en.pdf, 1.93 MB, May.16.2024 ]

Digital System Monitoring and Management for Special Machine Construction by EquipmentCloud®
EquipmentCloud® - Data based services
[ kontron_ais_success_story_adenso_en.pdf, 380.77 KB, May.16.2024 ]


EquipmentCloud® Factsheet
[ kontron_ais_factsheet_equipmentcloud_en_2024-05_web.pdf, 1.75 MB, Jun.03.2024 ]


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