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GPU-GPGPU Carrier for 6U CompactPCI® /PCI-Express
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  • Parallel computing in harsh environments
  • MXM3.0 Type A/B modules
  • High bandwidth via PCI-Express, PICMG2.20-based
  • 2x DVI-D and 4x DisplayPorts
  • 4HP cooling option for MXM3.0 Type A

Only in combination with special CPU card CP6006X, CompactPCI® /PCI-Express

The CP6108X is a 6U carrier for an MXM3.0 GPU module. It operates only in combination with the special CPU card CP6006X, providing CompactPCI® plus PCI-Express via a special backplane connector. CP6108X has been designed to integrate leading-edge, parallel processing capabilities into CompactPCI® systems. It can accommodate one MXM3.0 module with an AMD Radeon™ GPU designed for the embedded industry or any other customer-sourced MXM3.0 type A or type B module.

The symbiosis for most demanding missions

The CP6108X combines enormous price-performance and performance-per-watt advantages of GPU and GPGPU computing with the robustness, longevity, and modularity of CompactPCI® systems. This is the perfect symbiosis not only for some of the most demanding graphics-intensive applications in modular or rugged systems, but also for enhanced workload and massive parallel computing in harsh environments. Typical sample applications in avionics are geographic information systems, 360-degree situational awareness, and diminished vision enhancement. Typical public- and government-related tasks are radar, sonar, or video surveillance and FFT calculations.

Passive cooling solutions can be provided on request, as option for MXM3.0 Type A modules in only 4HP height and a thermal design power of ca 40 watts.



CP6108X Datasheet
GPU-GPGPU Carrier for 6U high-speed CompactPCI®
[ cp6108x_20170522_datasheet.pdf, 1.8 MB, Aug.31.2017 ]


User Guide CP6108X
[ 1056-9946_10_sk-man-cp6108x_cp6-gpu8860.pdf, 2.65 MB, Sep.11.2017 ]

General Safety Instruction
[ general-safety-instructions.pdf, 560.72 KB, Jan.04.2021 ]


Kontron Services Brochure
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