Kontron has 3 solutions for the biggest connectivity challenge: AIX 2024

Kontron is gearing up for an exciting showcase at the Aircraft Interiors Expo (AIX) 2024, taking place from May 28 – 30 in Hamburg, Germany. Our avionics experts are getting ready to show you a range of open platforms aimed at empowering visitors to craft their ideal in-flight entertainment and connectivity (IFE&C) systems. We’ll highlight the modular building blocks we have available along with completely new innovations, enabling customers to tailor their systems to their unique needs.


What to expect from us this year

This year, our primary goal is to tackle connectivity obstacles faced by operators, which ultimately impact the passenger experience. We understand that addressing these challenges means continuous innovation in satellite communication, wireless technologies, network infrastructure, and system integration and we’ve built strong relationships with partners to assist with that. The products people can expect to see at AIX were all designed to deploy reliable, high-speed connectivity for all travelers, whether staying local or flying overseas.

This is essentially what we are working hard to achieve by being members of the Seamless Air Alliance. In fact, they’ll have a stand in our booth (2E24, Hall 2) and will talk through how together, we're encouraging collaboration among service providers by expanding interoperability options through open architecture.


Major industry challenge – How can airlines satisfy today’s connected passenger?

Today’s flyers expect uninterrupted connectivity, mirroring the comforts of home. Satellite connectivity enables in-flight Wi-Fi services, allowing passengers to stay connected to the internet, access entertainment content, and communicate with friends and family during their journey. While providing Wi-Fi on local flights involves a straightforward connection to ground-based cell towers via onboard antennas, delivering seamless in-flight entertainment and connectivity over bodies of water presents a more difficult, and costly challenge. This scenario requires satellite links and the utilization of open technology like Kontron’s to bridge the gap and ensure continuous connectivity regardless of geographical location.


Solution 1 – Open platforms for ground and air connectivity

AIX visitors can explore our array of open architecture platforms firsthand, designed to seamlessly link ground-to-air connectivity and ensure optimal performance on land and on water. From standard options to modified and fully custom products, we’ll offer a comprehensive one-stop shop experience at the event.

Attendees will get to see all new configurations for our latest dual modem manager, the Ace Flight™ 4783, supporting 2 different SATCOM modems allowing the aircraft to use different satellite operators during its route. They’ll also get to touch our all new A300 and A301 Cab-n-Connect™ CWAP deploying highly secure connectivity in the toughest environments with Wi-Fi 7 technology.


“Openness” is key

Designed with “openness” and flexibility in mind, the platforms on display will leverage standardized interfaces and components, allowing for interoperability between different systems and vendors. Our ARINC-792 single phase and three phase power supply unit (KPSU) product line and roadmap, will be showcased. It strikes the perfect balance between size, weight and energy efficiency and offers OEMs and system integrators a versatile solution with the industry’s smallest footprint.


We’re excited to have discussions about how our integrated solutions give airlines and operators the tools they need to provide reliable, high-speed connectivity to passengers and crew members from the moment they board to the second they land.


Solution 2 – Integrating modular building blocks for faster time-to-market

For easy integration and customization, visitors will learn how we’re building off-the-shelf modules that manufacturers can combine to meet specific requirements. In doing so, we’re removing the need to start projects from scratch. This flexibility allows airlines to deploy these solutions on their aircraft faster. Our Cab-n-Connect™ P100 for example, is a portable, wireless infotainment system for commercial aircraft and business jets that operators can simply carry onboard. No need for complicated setups and installations, and removable storage makes for easy content updates.


Did you know we have software too?

Attendees will also learn how our software can get their solutions to market a lot quicker. Our seamless, flexible software offering, already integrated to our servers enables customizability and facilitates migration from one platform to another for more scalability. In addition, our cloud-based fleet management software for monitoring, logging and reporting on their fleet, also simplifies upgrades.


Whether attendees are seeking hardware or software solutions at AIX, our modular building blocks help organizations become more scalable. Scalability is important in this industry, to be able to start with basic configuration and easily add features or expand capacity as needed. Scalable products help accommodate future upgrades with minimal disruption. This ensures adaptability to changing market demands which can happen quickly, without delaying time-to-market.


Solution 3 – Support for the long haul

Most companies at AIX know that documentation, training and technical assistance is necessary to help expedite the development and certification process. Our avionics experts will be available to explain how our guidance and expertise throughout the product lifecycle minimizes risks and ensures that the industry can bring their solutions to market more effectively.


Long-life products

Comprehensive support services are crucial for several reasons including regulatory compliance, risk mitigation and lifecycle management. This highly regulated industry has stringent requirements for safety and performance. Kontron support helps customers navigate these complex frameworks with ease, which will be further explained at the show. With long product lifecycles, our servers come with enhanced support to ensure they remain up-to-date longer, maximizing the return on investment (ROI) for the customer.


See you at AIX 2024

We look forward to meeting you at booth 2E24 at the end of May! We’re so ready to engage with booth visitors seeking to build IFE&C systems with our highly customizable, open solutions.


Join us as we take flight into a world of unparalleled connectivity and in-flight entertainment possibilities by booking a meeting with us here.


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