In a world that is permanently involved in the challenges of climate change and the consequent need for sustainable development, at Kontron we see not only a responsibility, but also a unique opportunity. As a leading company in the Internet of Things sector (IoT), we have the opportunity to play a key role in the energy revolution. This is underlined by our clear focus on GreenTec. In recognizing the significant future potential of clean energy, we focus on the development of innovative solutions that not only minimise our ecological footprint, but also support our customers and partner companies in their sustainability efforts.



The Group's responsible treatment of the environment is important to our management, employees, and stakeholders and is therefore part of our overall strategy. Our company’s management has established a detailed set of environmental policies and promotes employees’ awareness of environmental issues in their daily work. A further focus of these policies is the creation of solutions to effectively protect natural resources, the environment, our employees, and people who work in our value chain.

We have developed an environment management system for deployment in our production-related premises in Europe and North America. This system assesses the facilities’ environmental performance and thus delivers indications on how to improve it on an ongoing basis. The system is based on our environmental policy, from which overarching and specific environmental goals are derived and which ensures that our environmental protection obligations are met within the framework of the environmental management system.

Within the Kontron Group, several companies are already certified in accordance with the international environmental management standard ISO 14001, and certification of further Group locations according to this standard is planned. Steps to secure certification according to ISO 14001 are continually assessed and refined. An important part of our environmental management system is the identification and analysis at each facility of relevant and significant environmental issues. Each of these issues is then evaluated and subsequently classified. This enables the effective implementation of improvement measures. As stipulated by the standard, we have extended our assessment to include evaluation of the opportunities and risks arising from our respective environment-impacting activities. This enables their effective management. The assessment is appraised and updated at least once a year.



Kontron believes that diverse and inclusive teams have a positive impact on the work environment, its products and services and that many of the greatest ideas and discoveries come from a diverse mix of minds, backgrounds and experiences. The individuality of employees, in conjunction with equal opportunities and respect for origin, age, religion, gender and other characteristics, is integral to Kontron’s corporate philosophy and forms Kontron’s Corporate Culture.

By signing the CEO Declaration, Kontron has underlined its commitment to the Women's Empowerment Principles (WEPs) and is actively implementing measures to promote gender equality in its corporate culture, workplace practices, supply chain and community initiatives. As a signatory of the WEPs, Kontron is committed to seven principles for the empowerment of women, which aim to promote gender equality in the workplace without discrimination.

 All Kontron Group companies are committed to workforce diversity, creating equity across their systems, and fostering and advancing a culture of inclusion. In line with this, Kontron is committed to providing equal opportunities to all employees, regardless of their gender, sexual orientation, ethnic background, or any other factors outlined above. Kontron is also dedicated to creating an inclusive environment where all employees are heard and encouraged to reach their full potential. In support of this, individual differences are valued and respected.




The aim of corporate governance at Kontron is to enable transparent decision-making and responsible, sustainable value creation which are made transparent for stakeholders.

As a company listed on a stock exchange in Germany, Kontron AG, which is headquartered in Austria, has committed itself to observing Germany’s Corporate Governance Code (DCGK). Kontron AG deviates from some Principles of the current version of this Code. In accordance with the “comply or explain” principle, the reasons for these deviations from recommendations are explained in the annual financial report and the annual report in the chapter, “Corporate Governance Report”. The report is also published on the Kontron AG website at

At Kontron AG, the term “corporate governance” stands for a way of managing and controlling a company that is responsible, value-based, and geared towards sustainable value creation. Key components of good corporate governance are efficient working relationships between the Executive Board and the Supervisory Board; channels of communication within the company that are based on openness; respect for shareholder interests; the achievement of transparency and accountability when making decisions for the company; dealing with risks appropriately; and promoting equal opportunities and diversity.

Kontron’s Executive Board and Supervisory Board are convinced that good corporate governance – one that considers the specifics of the company’s business and of its sector – forms an important basis for achieving success. A central responsibility of management is observance of national and international laws including tax laws, and refraining from tax evasion; of rules and directives; and of the Principles codified in Germany’s Corporate Governance Code. This compliance is a matter of course for Kontron and a component of its culture of management.


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