Kontron will exhibit new CWAP at APEX to enhance flying experiences

Kontron will showcase its latest and greatest in in-flight entertainment and connectivity (IFE&C) solutions at booth 1028 in Long Beach, California this week. APEX attendees can expect an array of standard and custom products that enable secure and reliable IFE&C for travelers on commercial flights and business jets.


CWAP with more performance, more efficiency

Along with latest developments in airborne servers, portable systems, and modem managers, Kontron will have its full line of cabin wireless access points (CWAPs) on display including the next-gen Cab-n-Connect A301, supporting Wi-Fi 6E and optimized for streaming content in high activity environments. The all new A301 allows customers to deploy high-speed, secure Wi-Fi thousands of feet in the air by combining powerful 802.11ax Wi-Fi 6E technology, advanced security and ML/AI management capabilities into a single enterprise-class solution. 


The platform is designed to allow airline operators to take the next leap into Wi-Fi 7 technology which promises to support higher peak data rates and lower latency.


In-flight entertainment and connectivity for passengers

Designed for video streaming in highly dense, multi-user environments with intelligence at the edge built-in, the Cab-n-Connect A301 provides passengers with access to content that they’ve become used to having at their fingertips virtually everywhere. 


Seeing that the scope of services for passengers has broadened from simply checking their email box to having multicast wireless video entertainment and on-demand video/audio content available throughout their flights, stronger signals, wider transmission range and superior network performance are a necessity. 


Staying connected to news, email, movies, popular tv shows and more, keeps travelers entertained and more productive. Stable and consistent Wi-Fi connectivity can also increase ridership, especially for business travelers that need to work during long-haul flights.


Solutions for airlines

Airlines are looking for proven solutions that can support both rapid-rollout and scalable, sustainable growth over the long run. To maintain excellent network performance and coverage, onboard equipment should be flexible enough to support a number of different “backhaul” connectivity scenarios, ranging from ground-based transponder towers to satellite-based communications. 


The Cab-n-Connect A301 CWAP can support an expanded set of services that holds great opportunity for airlines to both differentiate their offerings and to generate additional revenue streams. The robust yet compact unit helps enable faster wireless speeds, lower latencies and can handle the bandwidth and mix-of-services requirements.


Its Tri-band sensor continuously scans to detect security threats and provides top-level security services with its WPA3 certifications, TPM for secure key storage and a stateful L2-L7 DPI firewall for context-based access security.


Aircraft computers, including access points need to meet special physical demands of an airborne operating environment. Many of these requirements are similar to those encountered in harsh airborne military deployments and some are unique to the commercial airline industry. 


Kontron has more than 30 years’ experience building ultra-rugged computing platforms and has developed a thorough understanding of high-performance, mission critical computers deployed in harsh environments. Kontron’s expertise in designing hardware for commercial and defense applications makes it the ideal partner to address the needs of airline operators and the IFE&C industry as a whole.


Visit us at APEX this week, and see why 6,000 commercial aircraft and business jets currently operate with Kontron equipment on board, worldwide.




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