1. Before you return any product for repair, please apply for a return material authorization number (RMA number) to track the service. If any product fails, please do not hesitate to contact Kontron’s After-sales Service Department. Kontron will provide efficient and quality after-sales service for you. AS Service Hotline: +86-400-600-8796 (Mobile phone) available at 7 days x 24 hours. Tel (Office): +8610-6375-1188 ext. 810
  2. You may fill in our RMA Application and deliver it to via e-mail.  Please do fill in the customer information and product’s basic information and failure description in detail. The customer shall provide as detailed and precise description on problems or failures as possible, including information on failure, logs, documents, test apparatus and test data, so that Kontron’s maintenance staff could eliminate the failure as soon as possible.
  3. Kontron’s technicians might make phone calls to the customers to confirm and eliminate the failures remotely.
  4. An RMA number is valid for 30 days. Please do not add new RMA parts to any released RMA number. If you have to add any new part, please re-apply for an RMA number.
  5. Please list the accessories to be delivered along with the repaired product, if any, in detail, otherwise Kontron cannot warrant that such accessories can be returned to the customer along with the repaired product.
  6. Whenever you mail a RM, please mark out the RMA number on the case.


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Phone: +86-400-600-8796 or +8610-6375-1188 ext. 810


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