Six ports 1G/2.5G Ethernet Mezzanine Card
  • Six independent Ethernet controllers
  • Four 1G / 2.5G i225 controllers supporting TSN/IEEE1388 PTP
  • Robust, High EMC resistance IEC 61076 standard Harting ix front connectors
  • XMC VITA42 and VITA61 build options
  • Air-cooled and Rugged conduction-cooled versions
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Expand the network capability of any VME or VPX plug-in card with Kontron's XMC-ETH6, a six ports high-performance Gigabit Ethernet XMC.

XMC-ETH6 provides four independent 1G/2.5G ports as well as two 1G copper ports. 
Its 8 ports 8 lanes PCIe Gen3 switch allows multiple configurations, using up to four Intel i225 supporting TSN/IEEE1388 PTP and up to two Intel i210 Ethernet controllers featuring a maximum of six simultaneous 1000BASE-T ports. 

The air-cooled version comes with front Ethernet connectors complying to the IEC IX Ethernet industrial standard with easy locking, enhanced robustness and improved level of EMC resistance. 

The rugged conduction-cooled version makes it fit for demanding environments such as defense and transportation applications. 

A 3U VPX version of this board featuring the sames interfaces is available on demand. Please contact our team at sales.KFR@kontron.com



XMC-ETH6 Data Sheet
[ xmc-eth6_datasheet.pdf, 1.11 MB, May.22.2024 ]


General Safety Instruction
[ general-safety-instructions.pdf, 560.72 KB, Jan.04.2021 ]


Kontron Services Brochure
[ kontron-services-brochure.pdf, 8.9 MB, Dec.17.2020 ]


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