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The ToolCommander® is an open software framework for realizing control and visualization tasks with cluster, inline and batch systems in production and research.

Its high flexibility and modularity enables an easy adaption to individual demands. In this way, the ToolCommander® can be used easily in most diverse industries for controlling various technologies. With this adaptability AIS realizes control solutions, such as for vacuum coating equipment for more than 25 years.

  • Flexibly adjustable – even for complex systems with various tasks
  • Modular structure – easy and reliable implementation
  • Production control due to logging and material tracking
  • Independent system enables in-house development
  • Process optimization induced by the trend feature
  • Entire system simulation
  • Support of touch functions
  • Multilingual visualization

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Use Cases

ToolCommander® - Equipment Control
First TooLCommander® for BENEQ OY
[ beneq_en_use-case_kontron.pdf, 2.96 MB, Sep.02.2021 ]

ToolCommander® - Maschinensteuerung- und Integration
Retrofit einer MRC903 Anlagensteuerung
[ pog_de_use-case_kontron.pdf, 2.19 MB, Sep.02.2021 ]


ToolCommander® Factsheet
[ kontron_ais_factsheet_toolcommander_en_2024-05_web.pdf, 1 MB, Jun.03.2024 ]


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