In-Vehicle Computers

Kontron’s custom and COTS embedded platforms are already proven in well over 100,000 on-road and off-road vehicles. Our In-Vehicle computers leverage Intel next generation processors on Kontron’s hardened Type 6 COM Express® CPU modules coupled with a ruggedized Carrier Board, all packaged to survive rigorous environmental conditions for on and off-road vehicle use. Leveraging this vast experience, Kontron is harnessing the technology behind driverless cars in their High Performance Embedded Computing (HPEC) platforms. These platforms provide the intense computing performance necessary to help launch a new generation of intelligent, autonomous vehicle applications. Using Kontron’s HPEC platforms, in-vehicle system developers get the extreme parallel processing power needed to capably build artificial intelligence (AI) applications such as machine learning, deep learning or Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN).  With new autonomous transportation options taking shape now for the future, Kontron remains at the forefront of engineering secure, connected and rugged solutions that will simplify development and reduce infrastructure investments.

  • Fleet management
  • Vehicle diagnostics
  • Asset tracking
  • Video analytics


In-Vehicle Computers

S1901 EvoTRAC

Intelligent High-Performance Platform for Heavy-Duty Machinery

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Rugged Gateway | Cellular & WiFi

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