Enable media applications across cable, telco, broadcast and cloud infrastructure with dual Intel Xeon E3 Series v5 (Skylake H)
  • Dual Xeon E3-1578L v5
  • Up to 18 x E3-1578L per 2U
  • 2 DIMM sockets 2 channels
  • One M.2 SSD up to 480GB per CPU
  • Transcode up to 270 real-time HEVC streams at 30fps
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The MSP8050 Series of modular servers is a key component for efficient transcoding in the private cloud. As the demand for viewing content on smartphones and tablets continues to rise, transcoding is moving to the cloud as a means to offload processing tasks from being performed on the end user device.

Kontron and Intel have designed the optimal solution that addresses energy efficiency challenges, scalability and cost, thus resulting in better user experiences for the end customer. The MSP8050 Series’ main use case is to run multiple media applications including transcoding across multiple independent low-power, high-performance processors.

First Skylake solutions with high reliability processors

  • First solution on the market using 24/7, 5 year operation with Intel Iris Pro GPU, ideal for transcoding applications

Better quality for video transcoding and more concurrent streams

  • E3-1578L v5 processor
  • 50% more GPU performance
  • HW Support for Decode/Encode for H.264, H.265, HEVC, VP8, VP9 and VDENC

Support for higher bandwidth codec and higher availability

  • Dual 10GbE redundant data plane

High security

  • On board TPM



MSP8050 MODULAR SERVER - Datasheet
[ msp8050-datasheet.pdf, 1.17 MB, Jun.19.2020 ]


MS29xx Product Documentation Package

All-in-one platform documentation package, contains the following :

MS2900 First Startup Guide v1.1
The First Startup Guide will assist you with getting up and running on your SYMKLOUD MS2900 Platform.


  • MS2900 Platform Quick Start Guide, v1.2
  • MS2900 Platform User Guide, v1.5
  • MS1300 Platform User Guide, v1.0 ~NEW~ 01-2019

HUB modules

  • MSH8900 User Guide, v1.2
  • MSH8910 Series User_Guide, 1.0
  • MSH891x CLI Reference Guide, v1.5
  • MSH8920 Series User Guide, 1.0
  • MSH8920 PicOS routing and switching configuration guide, v1.0
  • MSH8920 PicOS routing and switching commands reference guide, v1.0
  • MSU8700 (Uplink Module) Quick Reference Sheet, v1.1


  • MSP800x Series User Guide, v1.0
  • MSP802x Series User Guide, v1.1
  • MSP804x Series User Guide, v1.2
  • MSP8050 Series User Guide, v1.1
  • MSP8060 Series User Guide, v1.0


  • System Monitor User Guide, v3Rev1
  • System Monitor API Programmer's Guide, v3Rev2


  • MSP802x KVM Configuration, v2.0. (AN14006)
  • MSH8900 SFP modules, v1.0. (AN14005)
  • MSH8910 compatibility guide, v1.0
  • MS2910-Startup_use-case_VLAN-segregated_Mgmt+payload_networks (AN17002)
  • MS2910-Startup_use-case_physically_isolated_Mgmt+payload_networks (AN17003)
  • MS2910-Startup_use-case_common Mgmt+payload_network (AN17004)
  • MS2900-Startup_use-case_common Mgmt+payload_network, v1.0 (AN18001)
  • MS2900-Startup_use-case_physically_isolated_Mgmt+payload_networks, v1.0 (AN18002)
  • MS2900-Startup_use-case_VLAN-segregated_Mgmt+payload_networks, v1.0 (AN18003)
  • MS2920-Startup_use-case_common Mgmt+payload_network, v1.0 (AN18004)
  • MS2920-Startup_use-case_physically_isolated_Mgmt+payload_networks, v1.0 (AN18005)

[, 60.15 MB, Jan.28.2019 ]

General Safety Instruction
[ general-safety-instructions.pdf, 560.72 KB, Jan.04.2021 ]


Kontron Services Brochure
[ kontron-services-brochure.pdf, 8.9 MB, Dec.17.2020 ]


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