COMe-cAP6 New

COM Express® compact Type 6 with 12th Generation Intel® Core™ Processors
  • Up to 64 GByte LPDDR5 memory
  • Up to 2.5Gb Ethernet with TSN and WOL support
  • Quad Independent Display Support (up to 8k)
  • Optional NVMe SSD onboard
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The COMe-cAP6, a new COM Express® module with the compact size of  95x95mm has been designed in particular for applications in the retail environment, gaming as well as in the field of Industrial IoT. Also equipped with powerful 15 to 45W TDP, 14 cores and up to 20 threads, the module scores with 64GB LPDDR5 memory down (Rugged Memory) for use in particularly challenging industrial environments. The COMe-cAP6 is equipped with an 8.5 - 20V wide-range power supply, up to 2.5 Gbit Ethernet with TSN and WOL support, quad independent display support (up to 8k) and optional NVME SSD up to one Terabyte.


Use Cases

Autonomous Driving
Read how our COM Express® Module is working perfect for application from b-plus with its flexibility, bandwith, reliability and the required graphics.
[ uc_b-plus_eu.pdf, 4.78 MB, May.26.2021 ]

COM Express® Basic for Autonomous Transportation in Rugged Environments
Implementing Kontron’s latest COMe® Basic based on Intel’s® 11th generation Xeon® processors and ECC memory provided the optimum power and performance
[ adas_en_use-case_kontron.pdf, 1.54 MB, Oct.11.2022 ]

The tough choice of Processors
Solving challenges in selecting computer boards & modules for IIoT projects. In this article we support you to make the right choice for your application: To find the best balance of processing power, graphics capabilities and connectivity on the one hand and size, power consumption, and cost on the other.
[ Artikel_Processor Choice_eu[1].pdf, 4.42 MB, Nov.15.2022 ]


[ come-cap6_datasheet.pdf, 1.66 MB, Dec.01.2022 ]


General Safety Instruction
[ general-safety-instructions.pdf, 560.72 KB, Jan.04.2021 ]

Tech Spec Sheet

COM EXPRESS® compact
[ tech-spec_comexpress-compact_web.pdf, 8.95 MB, Jun.10.2022 ]


Kontron Services Brochure
[ kontron-services-brochure.pdf, 8.9 MB, Dec.17.2020 ]


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