CompactPCI Serial

The CompactPCI Serial standard is an evolution of the existing PICMG 2.0 specification, which is characterized by serial communications over the backplane. Supports expansion cards, which can either be connected via Ethernet, PCI Express, SATA or USB. In specification-compliant system enclosures while any combinations of such cards are pluggable, which are directly supported up to eight. Bridges also on appropriate solutions with a significantly greater number of expansion cards can be implemented. This high flexibility in the design allows implementing very different system configurations

  • Scalable multiprocessor systems and CPU cluster via PCIe or Ethernet
  • RAID systems with up to 8 SATA lanes for SATA hard drive shuttles, for example, for data recording of video surveillance systems
  • NAS systems to access data from the cloud, which are realized with a mix of Ethernet networked CPU modules and SATA hard drive shuttles.
  • Multi-monitor systems to control up to 32 displays as infotainment, digital signage and control rooms.
  • Flexible configurations with wireless WLAN, UMTS, HSDPA, LTE and GSM to support up to 8 cards, each with two radio modules.


CompactPCI Serial

3U Processor

3U Intel x86 CPUs with full PC functionality

3U Carrier

3U HDD/SSD & XMC Carrier Boards

3U Network

3U Ethernet Boards

CPCI S0 Chassis

Kontron's portfolio offer for CompactPCI® Serial system infrastructure is the perfect basis for nearly any modular robust system solution which needs high speed interconnects by PCIExpress®, SATA, Ethernet, and USB.


Backplanes, Power Supplies

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