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Founded in 2002, RightHand Technologies provides expert engineering design services and specialized manufacturing with sophisticated, full-validation functional testing for embedded electronic systems. Its engineers have experience developing everything from simple motherboards to complex, high-speed designs with challenging technical constraints. The company excels in managing projects from their initial inception through research, design, development, tooling, verification, system-level testing and transfer to production. RightHand Technologies employs world-class program management optimized for small-volume manufacturing. RightHand Technologies has developed many COM Express custom carrier boards for a variety of markets requiring agency approvals and specialized testing. We provide embedded engineering services including hardware design and manufacturing, mechanical engineering design, product prototype, OS development and device driver development.


  • Embedded design for high reliability applications requiring agency approvals.
  • Custom carriers for COM Express applications.
  • Software development for custom embedded hardware
  • Specialized manufacturing requiring sophisticated functional test.

COM Express Type 2 Carrier Board Reference Design

COM Express Type 2 Carrier Board Reference Design
This ready-to-use carrier board hosts a commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) COM Express module. The industry standard form factor matches the PICMG COM Express pin-out type 2 guidelines. Its plug-and-play, customizable architecture is compatible with a variety of modules — allowing you to achieve optimum performance for your specific application. The carrier board serves as both a development platform and reference design for developing your custom I/O subsystem.

Key Features

  • Type 2 COM Express Interface definition
  • Small footprint (95mm x 125mm)
  • Standard ATX Power Supply Input
  • Additional details can be found on the RightHand Technologies website: http://www.righthandtech.com/com-express-carrier-board.php

Board Details

This sample COM.0 carrier board serves the following market segments:

  • Defense/Government
  • Gaming/Entertainment
  • Industrial Automation
  • Medical
  • POS/POI-Point of Sale/Point of Info

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